Monday, February 13, 2012

Don't You Wish You Were in Guatemala?

Aloha!!!!!!!!!!! (wrong idioma)

But hi!! How are you!?

This week was another good one! Cause I´m on a mission, in Guatemala, and I sure love this place!

We will start out with the funny story of the week =

There is this one drunk in our neighborhood that always calls us siervos. This guy is just super funny and always ends up near us somehow. But this week we were walking and he was walking towards us in a group of people with no shirt on, not unusual cause no one wears clothes here, but then we got closer and we see that he is being pulled by some lady on a chain that is locked around his wrist!! hahahahaa crazy funny! I love Guatemala!

This week we did some working, some teaching and some divisions. All I even remember about this week is the divisions and Saturday...

The other days were good, but I learned a lot on Thursday, divisions. I went to another area with my District leaders companion, Elder Navas. The area is called Los Brillantes. How brilliant right? but Elder Navas is from El Salvador, knows a lot of english, but we spoke in spanish. He´s just this super high energy guy so we worked super hard together. It was awesome!!! We found this family that will probably get baptized... they were gold!! but not in my area... bummer, but still good cause they are coming closer to Christ! I helped him teach a lot in that lesson and I´m loving it! 

Saturday was a good day too. In the morning we did an area attack and our whole district came to our area and we just contacted. We got about 16 citas and now we are working through those. We are also working with our new Ward Mission Leader!! He is also in the Young Men´s presidency and teacher! And he is preparing to go on his mission in the next few months. He is 24, and pretty awesome. 

Yesterday was good too. We had a missionary from our ward come home. He bore his testimony to us yesterday and I loved every second of it. The Spirit just punched me in the face and said THE CHURCH IS TRUE! I already knew it was, but I learned that this missionary taught with power. A power that I want to teach with! I feel more and more confident every time I talk to someone. Spanish is getting a LOT better. I love this language. I love the people here!! Also yesterday we were searching for a guy that we contacted a little while ago and we found his son in law, he is a Testigo de Jehovah, and he asked us one of our biggest questions, "why are there so many churches??!!?!?!?!" we explained to him a little bit about it, left him a pamphlet and set up another time with him, cause he didn´t have time to talk to us then. He seemed pretty interested. There are people in our area to teach and to baptize, we just have to be 100% obedient and work hard. Both of which I´m trying to be an example in for my companion.... easy for me, hard for him... dont understand that part but.....

All I know is the church is true, I´m a missionary, and I love it. This morning I was sitting in the chapel of one of the buildings here playing the piano, and the piano has hymns and primary songs that it just plays so I was listening. I was listening to the rainbow/baptism one and I was thinking about my baptism and how great it was. I was thinking about primary and listened to other songs and I realized how special missionaries are in the church. Primary is like the training ground for missions, and missions are the training ground for the rest of our lives, and this life is the training ground for eternity. We only live this life once, why make regrets am I right?!?!?! I am so lucky to be a missionary!!!!!! I get butterflies in my stomach when I look at my plaque or think about missions in general. Or when I look at my shoes, where the tread is already starting to be flat and almost nothing. I´m so lucky to be here. I´m here to work so hard my guts fall out from all the parasites. (that was gross, the good news is, I still haven´t gotten even a little sick. Just a tiny cold, literally tiny cause it lasted a half a day...)

I love you all so much. I´m here with the name of our Savior Jesus Christ on my plaque and the name of all of us on my chest. JENSEN. This is our mission. Thank you for the prayers and the emails and letters. I love you all and im so happy we have the truth and we are an eternal family.

Elder JENSEN!! (I love that name)!!!!!!!

ps if you ever need to send me a package, will you send me all the ties in my closet. Don´t make a special package for them and I don´t need them anytime soon. I´m here for another 20 months!!! Thanks!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hey wassup dude! I was reading my name here hahaha!!! calida mano! que buena onda que eres!!!