Monday, February 6, 2012

Guatemala Is Purely Calidad

Ummmm Hi!

How on earth is the world? I don´t know, don´t care, cause Guatemala is purely calidad. Oh my I love it here.

Anywho, not much happened this week. Worked pretty hard, contacted a million and a half people, taught some lessons, my spanish is improving a whole heap, and sweated a lot. 

That´s all fun stuff though right??.... I don´t even remember this week. All I know is it went by SO FAST! Holy wow so so fast. ummm.....

Mom... I don´t have rabies. The chucho didn´t even break the skin, and he´s still alive. But the people always keep him tied up... except the other day when Elder Reed and I had four dogs on us, AT ONCE! but not one bit us cause this old deaf lady came and saved our lives.

Last Sunday this guy came to church that hadn´t been for a year, he just had a desire to go, so he did. Then he came again this week. We are working super hard trying to reactivate people and find families to teach!! Families families families. Still hard to find people to teach.

Yesterday was a good day, here´s the story -

We were contacting in some small dirt alleyway and by some river, like two houses every hundred feet or so. We are looking for people who went to the temple open house in Quetztaltenango (Xela, aka Sheila) anywho, we stopped by this lady's house and she said her prima (cousin) went to the temple, her name was Brenda Leticia Gomez, or something like that. So she told us where she lived and it´s not too far, so we walk and ask everyone where this Brenda lives. We kept passing by her house like four times, didn´t know it. Then finally we found her. We found out her name really isn´t Brenda Leticia Gomez, It´s Brenda something something something, and she doesn´t have a prima that lives close by. BUT, (here´s the good part), she wasn´t at the temple open house (still not the good part.. here it is), her aunt? maybe.. she´s related to our laundry lady, who is a member. Brenda used to go to church with our laundry lady about 15 years ago, never got baptized cause she isn´t married. She wants to get baptized though, we just need to talk to the husband. She also has three kids. Two of which are above 8 years old. This is good stuff right here. We were directed to this Brenda while looking for a different Brenda. This is the Brenda we needed to find!!

Another cool story, (less cool, but cool nonetheless)

We came in the house one day right after lunch to study, (we study spanish right after lunch) but we had a missed call by some random number, so we called them back... nothing. So we didn´t think anything of it, maybe wrong number. But the next day the same number called and Elder Reed answered it. It was a member in Reu that had a reference for us!! And it was a reference for a sacerdocio. It´s what we need!!!!!!! We went and found him, and he lives by Brenda, small world right?? He was busy, so we have an appointment with him. Calidad right?

We are being blessed with a little bit of success, and hopefully it will lead to more. Fe y diligencia. fe y diligencia!!!!!

I don´t really remember much else about this week, except holy cow I was hungry yesterday!! Hahaha, I'm always hungry! We went shopping today though, so I will be good for a few... hours... Maybe. 

I have the best family in the world, and that´s for dang sure! I love you all so much! So so much!!

No pictures this week. I will take some of Guatemala this next week so you can see what my area is like! It´s fun.

Funny story time - Elder Reed and I are white. Everyone loves that fact about us. The kids run to go tell their friends, "Hay dos gringos en la calle!" HAHAHA I love it. or they will be talking to us, and out of the blue they will just say, gringo. We´ll just be like, yeah we know, and keep talking. They think we can do magic. I can´t wait for yall to come here and see this and let me tell you about everything. I don´t want it to come that soon though. The time is going so fast and it will only go faster. 

New story - last night we were sitting on the curb trying to decide what to do. It was like 7:50ish, and it´s hard to find things to do at that time. San Luis shuts down with the sun, which goes down at like 6:45-7. Anywho we were sitting on the curb, and the other type of person that loves us more than kids.... drunks. Two drunk guys came up and just started talking to us and laughing and laughing. So funny. There is this drunk in the town that always calls us "siervos." and another one that thinks he can speak English and Qiche... he can´t. It´s mumbles. 

I think that´s a lot for today...not very much time left. The church is so true. Joseph Smith was a prophet, our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him. Through Jose Smith, we have this big wide wonderful church. Because of him, I´m here in Guatemala, trying to help people know God´s plan. I love this work so much!! I´m so happy to be here. I love you all so a lot....more than you even know!

Elder Jensen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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