Monday, February 27, 2012

Bueno Bueno!

Bueno bueno!

Everyone how are you??

Everything is just going swimmingly here. Not literally though cause we don´t swim. But this week was a good one, once again. I don´t know if I´m being too positive or not, cause Elder Reed would´ve said it was a bad week, but I enjoyed it!

Last Tuesday we had interviews with Presidente Maravilla. Those were pretty good, took a lot of the morning. He was going to give us a little fireside too but all of Reu was out of power... all day. So we had the interviews in the dark. He then brought us all in the room and told us we need to focus on the asistencia of our wards. We baptize but we don´t retain. So we are working with the ward more, which is super good! Our only problem is we don´t have much of a ward to work with, 535 members, 75 active... kinda sad CAUSE THEY ARE MISSING OUT!!!!!!!!! But that´s why I´m here. Anywho, then Presidente opened it up to questions and just let us ask any question we wanted. Holy cow that man knows a lot! 3 months after he was baptized he was a branch president. Then a stake president. Now the best mission president in the world!! He is probably one of the 3 Nephites! who knows??

During the interviews we also had our district meeting, it was my turn for the message. I talked about diligence. While I was talking about it, I realized that I love teaching stuff, cause I learn more. I love learning!! (something is wrong with me)

Then we did divisions. Divisions are always good!

Wednesday was... good. I don´t really remember it.

Thursday, good too....

Friday we had the fireside by president en la mañanita. It was awesome. I´m sure y´all have seen the Bruce R McConky thingy where he talks about the Atonement, WOW!! I love that stuff! President said something that I loved, "We all want to become like Christ, but we follow Satan." Something like that... But it´s true, we are here on this earth to become like our Salvador, and we don´t even follow the commandments sometimes. But good thing we have the atonement in our lives. We can be forgiven of our sins!

This week something clicked inside of me, I don´t really know what, but I feel the Spirit more strongly, everything makes me cry, and I just starve to read the scriptures and the Liahona and Jesus the Christ, (almost done!! well.... im on page 500 ish and there is like 750 pagesish). I wanna read the bible and the Book of Mormon and DandC and everything all at the same time. I´ve never felt like this before! I LOVE IT!

My Spanish is getting better and better. I keep surprising myself at how much I know and can communicate. I don´t get nervous to speak anymore. It´s still no where near perfect, but poco a poco!! I CAN CONJUGATE! sometimes hahaha

We have this one investigator named Gaby! She is awesome. She came to church with us and everything. She is an example of being prepared by other missionaries. (I think I already told you about her..)

We visited a lady a few weeks ago and she just kept talking about her church her church her church, so we were like, alrighty bye, but before we leave, can we help you with anything? she said no... then we went to visit her again this week just cause, and she told us after we left, she was reading the Bible, and we just kept coming into her mind, and the words we said, Le podemos ayudar en algo? or somthing like that. But she just kept thinking about us. So when we came back she told us that she was pridefull and called us angels. That we have something that other missionaries dont have, and she likes us now.. haha. But she still wont come to church cause she has her church. So we are working with her too.

We still need to find that family of gold. I know they are there somewhere. In the Guatemala Retalhuleu Mission, we baptize families. FAMILIES FAMILIES FAMILIES. I love families, cause I have a really cool one!

I love you all so much! Read the Book of Mormon, it is such a powerful book. I always just hold it in my hands, or turn the pages, and I can feel the power of the words it has! It´s an amazing book!

I love you I love you I love you!!!

Elder Jensen!!!

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