Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guatemala is the Coolest!

How are you?............................ I never know how to start out my letters. But Im good, Im just here in Guatemala still... It doesnt feel like I havent seen you all for 9 and a half months!!! WOW! crazy huh??

Well this week was a good one. We did lots of stuff and literally saw miracles.. but first I remembered a joke from my first area that I heard and never told you, so here it goes - One day President Monson really wanted to drive, so he switched places with his driver. President Monson was driving really fast, because it had been a long time since he had been behind the wheel. So he got pulled over... When the cop came to the window he freaked out and ran back to his car to call the chief. The cop called the chief and said, "I have a problem, I pulled someone over that is really important, should I give him a ticket?" The chief said, "Well who is it, is it the mayor?" "No." "Is it the governor?" The cop "no no its someone even more important." The chief says, "Well, is it the President of the United States?" Cop says, "No no, someone more important" The chief says, "Well, if it isnt the mayor, or the governor, or the President, WHO IS IT!!??" and the cop says, "well, I dont know who it is, but President Monson is the choffer." HAHAHA good one huh?? I liked it.

Well here goes the week - 

Tuesday - I went to another area in the district called Samayac to do a baptismal interview, it was pretty fun.. But I dont like leaving my area very much!

Wednesday - Well... Sunday we contacted this lady that had just moved into her house, so we put an appointment for Wed. So Wed we went back and there she was waiting for us with her husband. They are really humble people, who like to learn and dont just want to fight us. Their names are Antonio and Maria. They have a little son named Alex. I love them. Pray for them!

Thursday - we finally FINALLY put some baptismal dates for this Saturday. Two girls, the mom is member but inactive for 7 years. Now the mom is going to church and they LOVE IT! Man I get so happy when I hear about this lady back in church. She used to be the Relief Society Pres, so everyone knows her and loves her... man Im happy about that one!!

Friday - There was a parade in San Antonio. All the local schools had their marching bands and there beauty queens riding in cars. That was fun. It took like 5 minutes to pass by, it was super short but super fun. haha I love San Antonio. They always have crazy stuff like that going on. Also in the morning we were studying and there was a van out front of our apartment with speakers on top blasting Backstreet Boys. I enjoyed it. It has been a while since I have heard that.

Saturday - We went out and invited the whole world to church, then at night our cocinera invited us to a birthday party for her husband. So we went and ate dinner. We ate ribs and chicken and potatos and salad and rice. I sure love food. Plus there is this lizard that lives in there house. And it was chilling on the ceiling and it pooped on my head. It was pretty funny.

Sunday - Antonio y Maria went to church, also a member in our ward took 5 more people. Oh man yesterday was a good day. So we went and visited those 5 people. To our surprise there are 6. Its a mom and her 5 kids. So we put a baptismal date with them yesterday. They have had hard lives, and have been searching for help. Oh man Im so glad we can help them!!!! Oh and I spoke in church. Our bishop called me Saturday night and asked if I would... so I did. duh. I spoke about Missionary Work. It was good. Hopefully it will get more members involved.

This week I just put the highlights, but we also walked a lot, got wet in the rain, contacted a lot, taught a lot, and fought for fechas. Im so happy to be working in the Lords Vineyard. I love this work. It is tougher than anything, but I am so happy. I know the church is true, everything fits together like a puzzle, its perfect. Its nothing less than the Lords church. There are no questions unanswered in the church, there is no confusion. I love the scriptures, I love San Antonio, I love Spanish, and I love los chapines. I tell everyone that Im chapin... I love it. Have fun this week, be good, share the gospel. Its my only wish. I love you so much. Dont forget to show pictures of me to Oakley and talk about how funny and handsome I am. hehe

I love you

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