Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What's Happenin' Locos?

Fish dinner at the beach on P-day

Just a day at the beach
What’s happenin locos..

This week was pretty crazy.... cause I’m a dad.. My kid’s name is Elder Rucker. He is from Spanish Fork. I´m pretty lucky to be able to train him. But holy cow it´s tough... and to make it worse, I’m District Leader. My head might just fall off. Once I figure out what I’m doing, and we get in our groove, everything will be better. I really am lucky to be able to learn and grow and all that jazz..... Now we are starting a new week so I’m excited to see what this week brings.

Right now we have a family that we are teaching…but we can never find them. They are building a house in another area so they are always there, and the dad is a truck driver. It is insane. Pray for us so we can find the family of Francisco and Otilia. That’d be great thanks. 

Yesterday was a really good Sunday. I was just happy all day. We got a lady back to church after 7 years without going. She used to be Relief Society Pres, and other stuff, but she went to the US, so stopped going to church... when she left church I saw the BIGGEST smile on her face, like she had won the lottery or something. Church is super super important.. so go!

With Elder Rucker we are finding a ton of people, working hard, and we will see success. I always run out of things to say.......................................................

Friday we found a guy with a mom and a sister that don’t speak Spanish.... they speak a Mayan language, and he learned Spanish when he was a kid. He said they understand about 5% of Spanish. Super crazy huh… people in Guatemala that don’t speak Spanish.... I love it. We taught him about Joseph Smith, and I know he will get baptized. He said after 30 years of being Catholic, he didn’t realize that it might not be the truth. So our message made him think about stuff and he said he would pray. Man I love this stuff. I love people that listen to us and are willing to learn.

Oh plus Wednesday I got the package from Lexi G.... and friends. Holy cow it was the greatest thing in the whole wide world. Now I have to write everyone back.... We will see if I find some time shoved between the baptisms and finding and eating and sleeping and studying and teaching and walking and sweating................ just kidding, I’ll write back, just be patient.
Elder Jensen & Elder Rucker

Seems like there should be more to write.... but I don’t have much. I’m doing good.... I have realized that I have had a lot of experiences on my mission already. I always tell Elder Rucker about my experiences and it helps me love my mission more. I also realized this past week that I have 9 months already... remember yesterday at the MTC when y’all dropped me off???? It’s almost fall/winter again. Wowsers!

Ummm..... today I paid a guy to shine my shoes in the park. They are shiny.....

I really can’t think. 

I hope you enjoy my pictures at the beach and eating fish and the one with Elder Rucker and me.

Just so you all know, I love this work. I love sharing the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church, out of the millions of churches that is the true one. oh and... Guatemala is the best place on earth.

Enjoy your week; I love you all so much. Say hi to Oakley for me. I love you!
Elder Jensen

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