Monday, August 13, 2012



I don´t really have much to write this week. Elder Rucker and I worked super hard, contacted a million people, but didn´t have success. We realized we aren´t working with the members as much as we should. So this week we are going to start working with them, and having success. That is the key, members members members. Cool huh?

Haha this week I went to another area in Samayac to do baptism interviews. It was fun. I always like going to other areas to get to know more of Guatemala. I sure love it here, (in case you didn´t already know that). It is the best place in the entire world!!

I´m a pretty stressed guy, I could use some extra prayers heading my way.... I would love you for it... well, I already love you tons.

How´s Oakley?? I miss her so much, keep the pictures coming because I can just imagine kissing her little white head. There are babies here, but they are all stinky and cry a lot. I only like Oakley.

Yesterday I felt like I was in a different world. We went to eat lunch with our bishop, and he is really rich... so we drive to his house in his car, pull in a big gate, and there he has 4 cars, a big ol house, and super yummy food... then we ate FLAN. Oh man I love that stuff.. I told everyone about my daddy, how he likes flan.

In church I was feeling heavy with all my sins and stuff. But then I took the sacrament and felt instantly clean. I felt the spirit more in my life, and I felt truly repented of all of my sins. I felt on top of the world. I realized, THAT´S WHY WE HAVE THE SACRAMENT. It is like a second baptism, that we can do every Sunday. THAT´S WHY WE GO TO CHURCH PEOPLE. Please, go to church.

I´ve been able to study a lot this week. President is starting to cut down the amount of meetings we have, so now I have my study time, and as a companionship. Elder Rucker is already teaching because we are able to study. It is a wonderful thing, I don´t have to just sit there and talk all day long. We are also speaking a lot of Spanish together. His Spanish has gotten a whole lot better. I´m not going to say I enjoy training, but I don´t hate it.

Right now I´m pretty tired, I think we will go to Taco Bell or Pizza Hut, then go back to our area to shop or to sleep or listen to music or something. I don´t really know.

Just know that I know the church is true. It is the only true church on this whole earth with the Priesthood power, to do things such as baptism, confirmation, sacrament, blessings and so on. It an amazing authority that we hold. I´m so happy that we have it. I´m so happy to be Chapin for 2 years and bring mis cuates al bautismo. (Chapin = Guatemalteco, cuates = dudes, friends, etc).

I love you all so very much. I´m proud to be a Jensen.

Elder Jensen

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