Monday, November 19, 2012

Howdy from Nueva Concepcion

Hi family of mine. How´s it going?   

Sounds like everyone misses me... well guess what... I don´t really miss you..

This week was a good one... even though I don´t really remember much. Elder Barnes and I found a lot of people this week, and they are really positive. We are teaching people better, we are just being better. I love La Nueva Concepcion.

I´m trying to think back at stuff that happened... but I don´t really remember much..

Tuesday - We went to one of our investigators house to help them cut the grass in front of the house.... with machetes. It ruled, and we got to help out a little bit. It´s super hard doing, I invite you to try it.

Wednesday - we worked hard, taught a lot. I love teaching. 

Thursday - We found a family of 6, it ruled. They live super close to our house and only have time in the nights to talk, which is great for us, cause it´s hard to find stuff to do at 8 o clock at night. Everyone here goes to bed SUPER early. 

Friday - we taught a lot about the Atonement. I don´t know why, but we have taught a lot about the atonement and the Book of Mormon lately. Two things that I love to teach about, and two things that make me happy and feel the Spirit strong.

Saturday - in the morning we helped a member with his garage. It was falling down, so what we did was put us concrete posts. We dug holes, shoved concrete down the holes then put up pipes and filled the pipes with concrete. I now have a nickname here.... Human Ladder, (escalera humana). Every time we have had service projects, I´m always the one to do the high stuff. It was super fun and I got dirty.... fotos!!! Then we were SO tired but we still worked hard. 

Sunday - Church... I taught Sunday School again. I love the Book of Mormon. Then we left and worked hard. always.

We found at least one new person every single day except Monday and Sunday this past week. We have had spiritual experiences. My testimony has grown bigger than I ever thought it could, I have such a desire to just study the scriptures all day. I love teaching and I LOVE the people. Right now we are fighting for success, but I know it´s just right around the corner. I have so much faith in this area, and I feel better than ever, (i didn´t think that was possible either). I think this is a taste of heaven.

Also the other day I was talking, and I really felt like Spanish was my language. It was weird and I kinda felt like a traitor, but I love Spanish so much.

I know this is the place I´m supposed to be, I love being a missionary. I love you all so much and I´m so happy you are doing good. Have a good week, be good, be a little better... and I really do miss you lots. Sorry for the short letter... my mind went blank. 


Elder Jensen

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