Wednesday, November 7, 2012


What´s cookin....

Well, sounds like you sure have had quite the week and will have one heck of a week starting at about 5 today. 

This week was also a good one for me. Here it goes - 

Starting with Wednesday, cause I don´t remember Tuesday

W - We went far far away to this one place called Las Trochas. The lady that I mentioned last week that we had lined up for this week to get baptized lives there. So we went, some members gave us lunch, we played a little soccer with the kids, I rolled my ankle, and it´s still swolen, and we taught this lady named Mildred. We challenged her, she said yes, we set up a time for the baptism, and did the interview right then and there. It was super fast, and super awesome. She had been to church 8 times and been listening to the missionaries on and off for about a year. That´s why it was so easy.

Th - We went to Mazate (my old zone) for a meeting with president. It was rockin. The first thing that he said to us, "Stand up if you have a character like Christ." He talked a lot about how we always have to follow Christ and be like him and we will have success and always have the spirit. I loved it. We were there till about 1 or 2 then got back to our area and went out to work. 

F - My one year mark!! crazy huh?? We served a family, chopped some grass with a machete (super hard), and cool story time ---- We were paying our laundry lady, and a kid rode by on his bike and asked our laundry lady´s husband if he wanted to buy an iguana for 20 Quetzales. He said yes then invited us over for dinner that same night to eat iguana. IT WAS SO SO YUMMY!!!!!! Tasted a lot like chicken but a little more peppery... yum.

S - We had the baptism of Mildred and her kids, it sure was one to remember. First of all, she has a daughter that is 8 years old, but looks like she is 5. She almost drowned in the water so I had her stand on my foot as it was inclined up. haha then after that she was just floating there, so I just pulled her over to the stairs... everyone laughed. haha. then we baptized the other two kids and then Elder Barnes baptized the mom..... but she wouldn´t go completely under. We lost count, but I think he had to do it 6 times. Then I got in there and did it twice. Finally I just pushed her down. It was intense... but she got baptized. Then we went to another area in the zone where there was a multi branch talent night. It was super rad and me and another Elder in the district did an act. We also ate cow stomach for lunch!

Su - not much happened, we helped a drunk guy fix the chain on his bike then we took him home and found out that his daughter had been to church once with other missionaries (God works in mysterious ways)

I wish I could send pictures, but the computer won´t let me.

Just know that I love you, I love being a missionary, and I love the gospel. I know it is the truth and will help us reach exaltation. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God to restore the true church here on earth. I have absolutely no doubt of that.

Pray super hard for Miguel Angel and Rosemary, the most awesome and positive family I have ever taught on my mission. I love them so much!!!!!

I love you and miss you.

Elder Jensen

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