Monday, November 26, 2012

What a Week!


How are you this week? I have had quite the week. It went by super super fast. Are you sure I write every Monday, or is it every day?? Sometimes I forget.

Well this week we did a lot of service projects... I have done more service projects these past few weeks than my whole entire mission. It´s intense. Literally this week was full of service, walking, talking, planning, testifying, laughing, sitting in busses, enjoying life, studying, crying, and a baptism!! Let me tell you about this week starting with Tuesday - 

Tuesday - We taught a bit... I actually don´t ever remember Tuesdays cause we always have a meeting with all the leaders in the branch and it´s just what takes up the main part of our preaching time and brain power. I love this branch tons.

Wednesday - in the morning we moved a pile of sand from the front of a members house to the back of the house. It took us two hours, but it was really fun. Then in the afternoon we helped some investigators chop the grass in the front of their house with machetes. It was fun. We also taught a lot.... I sure slept good that night.

Thursday - we didn´t do any service... but we did teach and eat some french fries for Thanksgiving. That was fun. I don´t even care if Guatemala doesn´t celebrate Thanksgiving, I still love this place.

Friday - we helped put up a barbed wire fence... It was just little and there were a lot of us, so we did it quick. It was super easy and nothing will ever get inside the place.. unless they go in the gate we made. I wish I could send pictures... but the computer doesn´t work... what a surprise.

Saturday - Elder Barnes and I went on a small trip, we went to San Antonio. Maybe you have heard of that place??? Earlier in the week a kid called me and asked me to come baptize him. I was SO excited. His name was Marlon. I never really taught the kid, we were just friends. But when I left the other missionaries started teaching him. It was such a special baptism, I saw all the people that I love and we ate lunch there, and had the baptism. One member gave me this wood thing with a carving on it. I was SO stoked for that. It was such a good baptism. The kid was holding back tears the whole day... and I cried. haha. Then we hopped back on the bus and went to a city called Patulul. There we had a multi branch talent night. It ruled. We didn´t get back to the house until 11:00. yikes!

Sunday - I enjoyed church, as always. After church we worked hard too and taught. I like teaching.

This letter was a quickie.. I think. But just know that I´m safe, loved, loving, happy, working hard, serving, walking, and living without problem.

I love being a missionary and serving and teaching and feeling the Spirit. The Spirit testifies to me every single day that this church is the true church on the face of the whole entire earth. It is so special. I´m here to tell you that Jesus is the Christ, our Savior, Redeemer. He loves us so much. If we keep the commandments, we are blessed so so much. I love you all so much. Have a good week, be happy, and share the gospel with someone.

ps in the baptismal service they showed a video called Small and Simple Things. Look it up. It´s kinda cheesy but I love it so much... plus I like the music.

I love you more than you even know.

Elder Jensen

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