Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hello family! How are you?!¿?¿!??!  

I´m doing so so super good. Before I forget - THANKS FOR MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE... It´s just what I needed, just a little love from home. I didn´t need anything bigger, it was just perfect... I thought at least I would get letters from everyone... but we´ll save that for Christmas right??

I also got a package from the Clayton family for Christmas... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! (somehow they knew I needed a flashlight). It sure makes me happy... our back porch doesn´t have a light, so I use it every night if I want to go to the bathroom. 

This week was a good one. We have two good families we are teaching. They make me all excited and have butterflies and just happy. We are teaching Cesar and Blanca and their kids, and Jonathon and Erica and their kids. These are really humble great people. I love them so much and want them to be happy!!!! We always have super good lessons with them... pray hard for these two families!!!

This week we helped a lady chop some wood, we walked a ton, we made posters for our branch to get them all excited (I love this branch so much btw). We umm... I don´t remember anything about this week!!! I just remember being SO tired Saturday and Sunday night. It´s all a blur. 

Yesterday I spoke in church. Every 2nd Sunday we speak. MY companion spoke about the birth of Christ, Elder Jack spoke about the life of Christ, and I spoke about the why Christ came to earth, the Atonement and I talked a little about salvation. It was one of the best talks I have ever given.. I remember when I was a wee lad I used to write a talk and just read it, but now my talks are just 1/4th of a sheet of paper with scriptures. Even when I plan something, half the time I don´t follow it. I think it´s better to follow the Spirit than plans! I read a lot in Mosiah 4 about salvation. I love the talk of King Ben. READ IT! I also taught Sunday School. About Mormon 1-6 and Moroni 9. About how we can stay firm in the faith in a wicked world. It was one of my best sunday school lessons too... It was more a discussion than a lesson, and the Spirit was so strong. Everyone was sharing personal experiences and I learned a ton!!!

I love always have the scriptures in my backpack... keeping them close to me. I love being a missionary.

Yo se que la iglesia es verdadera. Jose Smith fue un profeta. Amo las escrituras. Amo la verdad. Jesus es el Cristo, mi Redentor, mi Salvador. Él es mi Rey, el Hijo de Dios. 

Los amo y extraño mucho. Cuidense y tengan una semana maravillosa.

I sent one picture... we were riding in the back of a truck to go do a service project. The computer wouldn´t read my memory, I tried to send more but couldn´t!

I love you always.

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