Monday, December 3, 2012

The Land That I Love

Howdy yall-

How is everything going?? I´m doing good here in the land that I love. Oh boy was this a good week... aren´t they all good?? YES!

The truth about it though, as we already know, I´m bad at remembering things.... REALLY BAD! I just remember a little bit about this week.

First - We chopped wood for some lady.. a lot of wood. Well it wasn´t that much, but we hadn´t eaten breakfast so I was super tired! So we are going back on Wednesday to chop more. Service is good.

Next thing I remember - We had interviews with President. They were so good!!!!! As always. I love that man. He always makes everyone feel all good inside. He told me in my interview that I´m on his team of trainers and he didn´t know if they were going to give me a 6 week break from training of just throw me in there again. haha... yikes. When I started my mission, I NEVER wanted to train. But it´s fun, and I learn tons. I could probably break some sort of record if they put me with another white guy... I did the math - I have 13 months in the mission, and I have been with a latino for 3 of those 13 months... But it´s always fun. Maybe I will train a latino now, that´d be fun! I´m excited for the times ahead, and I never want to come home!!!!!

We also found a really positive family this week that I´m super exctied about... (already running out of time!!!) The guys name is Cesar...

Then we ended the week off with a baptism of two kids in the ward. One kid picked me to baptise him and the girl picked another elder to baptize her.. Elder Jack is what he´s called.

We celebrated birthdays, I got cake in the face... super funny.

I just stole a bunch of pictures from Elder Jack's camera, so I just shoved a few on from what I snagged... I love you so much

The church is true and don´t you forget it. Jesus is our Savior and Redeemer. I love being here as a missionary. I have such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, and the church. They are the things I love. I invite you to love them too. Have lots of faith this week, everything will work out. I miss you all and love you. Bye bye.

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