Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Feliz Navidad....almost!

Hello gringos, 

Feliz Navidad... almost!!

This week was a good one... seems like I say that every week.. BUT IT´S TRUE!!! I love being a missionary. I really have seen a lot of blessings this week. 

The truth... I dont remember a thing the first few days of this week... that feels like it was so long ago!!! 

On Thursday we had a conference with President and it was good..... I loved it, I always do. My mind is just focused right now on WHY I´m writing on Tuesday instead of Monday. We´ll get to that... patience. Hermana Maravilla usually just gives her talk all calm and serious, but this time she got all tough and read some scriptures... then President stands up and says "I love it when she gets angry!" hahaha 

Sunday was District Conference... I´m not in a stake... so it´s not stake conference. But it was awesome. Another chance to listen to President Maravilla and his wife.. Right after the conference there was a priesthood meeting. I was literally dying of hunger.. Then after the priesthood meeting all the missionaries stayed there to practice our skit for the annual mission Christmas party!!! (That´s why I didn´t write yesterday) ps, I barely ate all day Sunday.

Yesterday we all went to Reu for the Christmas party. There was a talent show, and we did our skit. We did the story of Scrooge and I just happened to be Scrooge........ haha it was so SO fun. Then they gave us lunch, (first meal since Saturday´s lunch, YUM!) I loved it.

It always seems like I´m rushing these letters... The blessings I saw, and things I learned -

-President Maravilla is a man called of God. I want to be a convert to the church, and not just have a testimony.
-I think God put food in my stomach, cause I wasn´t dying, just a little hungry.
-With hard work, comes the blessings. We found a family this week Angel and Bresani. So happy about them. We also taught Bresani´s dad. There are people waiting for the truth.

This work is the Lord´s work. He lives. Loves me. I know for a fact that this is His church. He directs it.

Have a good week this week, lots of faith, prayers, and love for others. It´s the season of giving. 

I love you all

Elder Jensen

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