Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guatemala is the best place on earth!!!!!!

Holy cow I love it here!!!!!!!!!!! I will start from last Wednesday.... I was sick..... food sick... Wednesday I puked in the hall... hahaha it was way funny, I made it to a trash can, but ever since then I have been GREAT!!!! I dont remember any other day until Monday, which is the main focus of this letter.
Monday morning we woke up and our Rama (Branch) ((there are 2 here)) anywho, we all piled on a big ol bus and traveled down to the main park/square/some big important building with folletos and LDMS (Libro de Mormon) and we and preached the Gospel to my people. My latin companions did most of the talking, I would bear my testimony or say a prayer if needed, but the spirit was so strong and I understood 80% of everything, which was GREAT cause they are real live Guatemalans. Oh now I remember Saturday... rewind. Every Saturday we do service and we were able to leave the CCM and go clean up a park down the road. My companion and I started talking to a guy and he said he serves and wants to be a better example to his kids. UM HELLO, THATS OUR RELIGION. He said he prays a ton too for safety, so we took his info and hopefully something good comes of it. (It was mostly Elder Hansen, he is the greatest)
This week we are going to start teaching one of the cooks here too. I think tomorrow, our teacher has to set up an appointment. But this is the real deal. Im so glad im not stuck in prison in Provo anymore. so pray for Berlave (park guy) and Horacio (Cook). Isnt this the coolest?!?!?!?!?
Ok resume Monday - after the park we piled on a bus, which happened to already be full and needed to fit 50 missionaries, and it did the job nicely. The nuns were squished though... haha. anywho we got back to the CCM and we are getting ready to eat and someone taps on my shoulder. It was none other than my best friend ELDER CALL!!! It was the greatest thing ever. He gave me a whold bunch of Guatemalan snacks and we were only able to talk for just a tiny, but I loved it. He is doing so great, and he speaks spanish!!! Holy cow I just wanna be just like him. Wasnt Monday great!?!?!?
Tuesday was just a day full of studying and an old devotional from the Provo MTC. All around great day. I spoke Spanish for 75% of the day yesterday. I love Spanish. Then today we woke up and went to the Temple. They needed people in a session so my district was put in a Spanish session... yes, no English. No translators, no English, all Spanish... AND I LOVED IT!!!!!! Then we were just out playing futbol and doing laundry. Guatemalan life is great! Im loving it!
I forgot to tell yall about my Thanksgiving! haha It was a normal day, BUT the CCM Presidents wife decorated the comedor and we had a traditional turkey din din and some PPRUNKIN PIEEE!!!
Sounds like yall are just bored at home without me. I still dont miss you very much. Except Wednesday when I was pukey I kinda did. But I pulled out my iPod and I was alright.
My mind is blank... umm........... I just wasted like 10 seconds just staring. Maybe I should tell yall about the Liahona. Basically the Ensign, but we all get one here, and I got Novembers too. It happens to have all the conference talks in it. I've read like 45 talks already and I love conference. I love the fact that we have a prophet here on earth, who is guided by Jesus Christ. This is His church. Its such an amazing thing. There's a talk in there that talks about the church growing bigger and bigger and bigger. I'm a part of that right now!!!! Missionaries are cool!!!!! This is the only true church on the earth. The Book of Mormon is such a powerful book. Sunday nights we have district testimony meeting/watch a good devotional and here is what I have to say about that.... GOD LOVES YOU! God knows each of us, loves each of us, and will always love us. No matter the things we have done or will do. His love for us is so great, He has given us so much! All he asks of us is to keep the commandments. Never sin, its bad!!! I love you so so so so so much!!!!!
Elder Jensen
ps I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps I love maggie and libby and max and duke and dad and mom and kelsey and corey and brooke and chandler!!!!!

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