Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Love to See the Temple

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi. So it is Tuesday.... lame huh????
haha since I last wrote you I have studied lots, learned lots, and loved lots. Sunday was great!! We were able to watch the temple dedication, which was amazing, and Saturday night we were able to watch the temple culture celebration! I think Elder Hansen is sick of hearing me say how much I love Guatemala, holy cow I love it!! Also, funny side note, Have you realized how similar Hansen and Jensen are? now say them in Spanish............. the latinos love that. They just say Hansen Jensen Hansen Jensen Hansen Jensen, and just laugh and laugh.
Oh and I GOT MY PACKAGE!!!! thanks you so dang much!!! If possible can you send me pictures of my dogs and other pictures of the family, I am already sick of looking at the same ones... maybe of ones when we are little and cute!? I got way excited when I saw that Living Christ thing cause I thought it was a photo book, but I still got excited looking at that. It is pretty awesome! Plus please don´t send me any more gum. Missionaries dont chew gum, its ugly. I will chew it in my dorm and stuff just not out and about, so thanks for the mints!!!!!! Plus thanks for the Emergen-c. I had a whole box of it already.... hahaa I'm never getting sick!! Seriously though, thanks for everything!
Now you are probably wondering why I am writing to you today huh? Well... the latinos stay here for 3 weeks, and tomorrow is the three week mark, so everyone is gone except our zone (20 people). They kicked us out of the CCM to clean it all and everything, so we went on a tour to a huge relief map of Guatemala, talked about the Book of Mormon and how it really was here in Guatemala, we went to some huge underground market with cute little Guatemalans running around selling the cutest things ever. (I didnt even buy one thing and i had 200 Quetzals burning a hole in my pocket).... (like $25). Then we went to a mall and ate some McDonalds..mmm Big Mac for $5, Biggie sized too.... I felt like I was in America cause we were getting fat in one of the nicest malls I have ever been in!! So today is our P-day, different than usual, we still get to go to the temple tomorrow, and welcome the new nortes and latinos.
These past three weeks flew by and the next will go faster. Our district is only speaking Spanish from here on out, so I will be able to learn more! Plus I got some great news yesterday! ----
I will just email yall a number and a time to call and you will call and we will cry and mind-hug and it will be so fun! (mind-hug... hug.... in our minds.... get it?)
How are yall this week? I feel like you dont love me cause I havent gotten and email from yall, but then i remembered its a day early.. youre off the hook (pardon my terrible grammar/spelling)
Tomorrow Elder Hansen and I get to teach Horacio... am I stoked? YOU BETCHA!!!!
Isn't it the greatest thing ever what I am doing here? I dont want to be anywhere else... well maybe I wanna go to my mission, in three weeks, when I know spanish!! Everyone in my zone proabably also hates how I get so stoked to be here and so stoked to go to Retalhuleu. I just wanna give my mission president the hugest hug ever.
I hope yall know how much I love you, Faja, Maja, Kelwey, Cooey, Brookie, Jenny, Max, Duke, Maggie, Libby, and Fishy. Isnt it cool that I wear a name tag with our last name on it? I am so prideful about our name (good pride),
Plus guess what? The church is true!! How cool is the restoration!??? I love the story of the first vision more than any. I have it memorized in Spanish and I just always want to say it in lessons, cause I love it. I love this gospel. When President Uchtdorf showed up at the culture celebration on the screen I literally started crying. Its amazing to know we are guided by a prophet on this earth today. Im in love with Guatemala (In case you couldnt tell) I cant wait to go teach in the middle of nowhere not even knowing how to speak. God listens to our prayers, He loves us so so much!!
Dad, brush up on your spanish, maybe we can tell secrets about everyone else on Christmas!!
I love you all so stinkin much!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Elder Jensen

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