Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hello hello hello!!

Guess what Sunday is?!?!?! Oh I dont know, just the celebration of our
Savior, Jesus Christ. All I want to do this week is know everything about
His life. I just want to study about Him and everything. He suffered so
much for us, gave so much for us, and sometimes we forget. Dont forget this
year!!! plus read Jesus the Christ cause wow I love it!!!!

Guess what else is great? After we die, we will be resurrected. The Plan of
Salvation is the greatest thing ever. I feel sick right now for all the
families who lost loved ones this week. I love my family so so much, and I
cant wait to live with you all for eternity!!

Guess what else Sunday is??? WE GET TO TALK.... for 10 minutes :( But 10
minutes is better than 9 minutes! So you have to call me at 2:30 Guatemala
time call this number---xxxxxxxxxxxx

I think 2:30 here is 1:30 there, but you are the ones with internet so I
dont know!! hehe.

Have I ever mentioned that we have snack time here? hahaha every day at
7:15 we get a snack. I love it. Sorry I feel like you should know that.

I learned a lot this week. Elder Hansen and I taught our investigator about
the importance of church attendance, we invited him to church, and he didnt
show up :( bummer, but we are getting missionaries assigned to his family
so they can learn the gospel together. Families are the most important
things ever. I love you all. Whenever I am down or anything I just think of
you, and I mostly think of each of you on your knees praying for me. Thank
you so much for the prayers.

We went to the temple today, greatest place ever. The temple here is the
smallest temple ever. I love it lots though. I love everything about this
mission. I love Guatemala! I love this gospel. Im just full of love.

My district, District Mateo, was chosen to be in the nativity this
Saturday.. Im a wise man. But you cant tell anyone cause it is a secret!!

Last night we had a devotional, Elder Martino, an Area Authority, talked
about how we need to let the mission into our lives, we need to let the
mission change us. He talked about how we cant have one foot in Babylon and
one foot on a mission. Guess what?? Both of my feet are here in Guatemala.
coolio huh? I cant wait to hug my mission president and say get me outta
here. Im ready. My spanish isnt perfect, but i can understand a lot, and I
can teach lessons, and I can do the basic stuff. It is amazing how much i
have learned in these past few weeks. Does it feel like I have been gone
long? cause for me it feels like a week... maybe two.

I got two Dear Elders from Grandmama... thank you for them! I will write
you back a hand written letter, It might take until 2014 to get to you
though, since i am in Guatemala and all...............

I am way way excited for Christmas here. I am excited just to focus on
Christ and His life. Kinda like what we did in Mexico! In Mosiah 2 when
King Benjamin talks about us being the dust of the earth, it is so true! We
owe our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so much. This life is so short, as
we have seen this week, we cannot have regrets, or weeks of missing church
"just because." It is so important to follow the commandments and do what
we are told so we can live together forever in the Celestial Kingdom. I
want everyone there, so start Choosing the Right duh!! Haz lo justo!!! I
just read Alma 5 today... read it!!!

I feel like this letter is more about my thoughts than what I did this
week... well this week we studied a lot, every day. We got a whole new
shipment of Latinos, I love em. cool. I love you all so so so so so much.

Elder Jensen

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