Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I speak Spanish

Hi everyone!!
How on earth are you??? doesnt it feel like we talked on the phone about, oh i dont know, two weeks ago?? Those 10 minutes sure went by fast, and guess what? I still love you, and I still love Guatemala. Does it feel like time has gone by fast or slow?? cause it seems like i have been gone for a week and maybe a half.
How was Christmas? we talked a little bit about it, but not much.. what did papa noel bring this year?? I have really been wondering, how is the farm truck? Also how is Corey... cause I havent even heard one thing from him... so guess what Corey, WRITE ME!
So remember when it was Christmas and yall are probably cold and all? well I just got back from playing some futbol, and it is probably a lot of degrees outside. something with a C by it... im used to the F. haha im weird.
Not much happened this week except a whole lot happened this week. On monday we went out on the town to do some contacting for like 2 hours. Just me and Elder Hansen, yeah... it was the real deal. The bus just dropped us off and we were told to just meet back there in 2 hours and go talk to people. So that is exactly what we did. The very second hombre we talked to was just listening kinda paying attention, then we brought up Jose Smith. luckily I have the first vision memorized, cause I said it, and showed him a picture of it in one of our folletos (pamphlet?), and his face completely changed. Holy cow what an amazing thing the First Vision is. I always want to share it in every lesson, because it is my favorite. It really honestly truly did indeed happen. Joseph Smith saw our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ..... So we gave this hermano a Book of Mormon, and got his address and off we went. But it was a truly amazing experience. and it was in spanish........ thats the other language I know.
Yesterday we heard a talk from Elder Holland and in it he said if missionaries come home and fall away, or get tattoos and beards, or anything dumb, he will punch them in the nose! That is the exact reason why he is my favorite apostle. (then he said just kidding, it isnt very apostolic)
Then we heard a talk from D. Todd Christofferson at the MTC on Nov 22... the day we were flying down here, we missed him by 3 hours. nevertheless, he talked about missionary work... cool. haha but one thing I really liked about his talk was this, "you are participating in an apostolic duty" then he talked about the church leaders being our companions, and then I started thinking about my companions on the other side. isnt it just way way cool when you think about your grandchildren/my children/my nieces and nephews and our family that has passed on, here in Guatemala, walking along side me as I work? (ps, did you know Richard G. Scott was D. Todd Christofferson´s mission president?? makes me even more excited to meet my mission president. Holy cow I love him.)
So remember when we got to talk on the phone? It made me more excited to work hard and to be here, and some people it just made them homesick. But I am Guatemala sick. I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know for a fact I have the best mission in the world. It´s way cooler than anyone elses. and I havent even been there yet!!
Plus i forgot to tell you about Saturday!! Our district was in the nativity, and I was a wise man, and it was fantastic!!!! I had a turban on... a real live one. I will send pictures as soon as I can, cause it is something you will not want to miss!
I feel like I am out of words to say..... except I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you... sorta... do you miss me? Plus if you wanna you could write me a Dear Elder and I would get it tomorrow. Everyone who is reading this, go do it. Letters are fun huh?
I love you so so much!
Love, Elder Jensen
(ps how are my email writing skills? what are some hints and tips?)

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