Monday, March 5, 2012

Tidbits of Info

Hello Americans.

This week... was alright.... Kinda rough as of late. But the church is still true.

How bout a funny story??
So yesterday in Sacrament meeting no one was there. We started with 20 members there and it grew to 70. Life in Guatemala.. always late. But that´s not the funny part. I was asked to direct the hymns, which is kinda difficult cause there ain't a piano and you just have to sing the first line of the hymn and then count to three, then everyone sings. anywho, when the second counselor asked if I would do it, I looked at the songs to see if i knew them, and I didnt know the Sacrament hymn, but he was like, it´s ok... we know it. So I was like alright alright. So the first song went swimmingly. (not really though cause I dont swim, (I feel like ive used that joke before, if so, forgive me)) but then it gets to the Sacrament hymn and I just said, uno dos y tres, and start to "sing" (I didnt know the tune haha) Then no one was singing. It was great.. So I just look around, and this lady in the congregation was like, "no sabemos la cancion." hahahahahahahaha so we changed the song right then and there, and luckily the usual song director came. She saved me!! If only JeNee Hutch would´ve been there, am I right?? She would've known what to do and save the song!!!! hahaha

But yesterday was also fast Sunday, and I was hungry. I also bore my testimony, so maybe Chan and I were bearing our testimonies at the same time, just different language!! Who knows. But I sat down and my companion told me I had perfect Spanish. not one error. I used subjunctive and everything. It was really a great moment.

I have been reading Jesus the Christ lately.. I'm on page 600 something. It´s really really great! I´ve also had such a desire to read the scriptures. I´ve felt this hungering before.. but nothing this strong. I´m thirsting and hungering for the word of God. The more I learn and study, the more I want to learn and study and share! Wanna know something that´s awesome?! We have a living prophet here on earth. We got the Liahona yesterday for March, and I already read the whole thing this morning. I wish they would come out with Liahona´s weekly. I´ve already gone through the stack in our house too.

My Spanish is getting better. Every once in a while I struggle for words, but I can communicate like a boss... or a missionary. I love talking to the people, and sitting in their houses. I love the people of Guatemala. I love being a missionary. I´m so so lucky to be here. It´s such a big responsibility I have. I love it I love it and I love you!!!!!!! If only there was more love in the world, am I right??

tidbits of info=

This morning a volcano blew up.. haha just a whole bunch of smoke started pouring out of the mountain. It happens a lot.

Last night I got bit by another dog. nothin bad, it just tried grabbing the back of my leg and scratched me. I was wearing my dog bitin pants too. Those dang chuchos hate my dog bitin pants.

My zone leader is from Tonga, and today he killed a pig and we are going to go eat it soon...

I love you all so much. I love my niece so much!!!!!!!!


Elder Jensen

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