Monday, January 30, 2012

First Baptisms

Hola mi familia,

How on earth is everyone???? I finally got everyone's letters!!!!!!!!!!! I got a whole stack of Dear Elders and Grandpa's letter. It was the best thing in the whole wide world! Gracias!!! I will try and write back, but I haven't really figured out the whole mail situation. How bout I ask??

This week was amazing!!! 

Tuesday was good.... work. We had one of the APs following us around all day.

Wednesday was good too... work. Don't really remember much.... but it was good!!

Thursday we had a conference with Elder Amado. We got to the church at 8:30ish in the a.m. Then sat there for a tiny for him to come. He got there at 9 and we started. First we heard from Hermana Maravilla, then President... about an hour. So it's 10:00 now... Then Elder Amado got up and started talking... 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00........... yeah....... he talked for that long. I was starving... and hungry. But it was good. He told us all sorts of stuff. We talked about the Atonement and the Law of Chastity and EVERYTHING! He told us we need to double our baptisms and our investigators need to attend church 3 times before we can baptize them........ All the Elders have baptized without asistencia. So that´s going to be tough, but we will see better converts from it. As of right now we have, oh i dont know, A TRILLION menos activos. It´s insane!! Then we ate Taco Bell!!! Good day!

Friday we did divisions again, this time I stayed in my area and Elder Lechtenburg came. It was good. Seems like we do divisions a lot... But oh well!

Saturday... best day of my mission. We ended divisions kinda early, then went to the capilla to start filling up the font. Little did we know that we need to fill them up early in the morning this time of year, cause we ran out of water..or there was something wrong with the pump, I dont really know... we had to improvise. We opened up the well and started getting water out of it with a huge bucket and pouring it in the font. It was quite intense. The service was supposed to start at 4 and we didn´t get started until like 4:45 probably. It was awesome. Oh, did I mention the best part?? We baptized Fredy and Jaquelin. I baptized Fredy and Elder Reed baptized Jaquelin. Greatest thing ever. This is what it´s all about. They have made a convenio with our Heavenly Father and they had the rest of their lives where they can learn and grow and go to the temple and have eternal families. Because that´s what It´s all about, FAMILY!

I think about you every two seconds. Holy cow I love my family!!! The best part about it... we´re forever a family. Guess what else is cool? .... Britney Spears is playin in the internet cafe. Oops I did it again. What a treat. hahahahahaha.

Then Sunday, we had church and study/eat time. I made myself some mean spaghetti. Mom, I cooked it. And no we don´t have to do laundry, Fredy´s aunt does it. (remember Fredy)? haha. Plus I had my very first beans and eggs last night. From Fredy´s mom/aunt... they all live in the same house. But wow, best meal of my mission. I had to wait a month (almost) to eat some eggs and beans!! It was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sundays are hard for me. Cause I just wanna take a nap and hang out at home. But I can´t. I like you guyses for some reason. (guyses=joke).

Anywho, I love Guatemala. They have instruments called the Marimba, I think. I want one. It´s like the xylophone, but way awesomer!!! And the phone numbers here are 8 numbers. That´s cool. oh and they have taxis that hold 8 people... but really they are supposed to hold 5. and Motorcycles are quite roomy too. Plus they have good balance, cause they always have things on their heads. Holy cow I love it here!!! A LOT!!!

I forgot to tell you, there was a mini terremoto here the other day. It was cool... we were studying and we thought it was a truck, but it was a real earthquake!! Like a good 30 second one. Plus I got bit by a dog. TWICE! Nothing too bad, just a whole in my pants the first time and he got my shoe the next time. (same chucho). ((chucho = dog/mutt/lower than mutt in Guatemala)).

Seems like there is something I´m forgetting...... 


Elder Jensen!

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