Monday, March 19, 2012


Hello family. Holy cow I love ya´lls. How on earth are we this week??

Well I´m still good. I´m still a missionary. Still loving it. Seriously though, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! I can´t wait to see what the next two years brings. (well... less than 2 years, but who´s counting?)

Not much of anything happened this week. We did divisions on Tuesday with the Zone Leaders, I was with Elder Horne, in good ol San Luis. He taught me something very important. In D&C 4 it says, "...con la mira puesta unicamente en la gloria de Dios." Whatever it is in English?? But he asked me, what is the Gloria de Dios??????................                              FAMILIES                                  .................. As missionaries, if we have the mira puesta unicamente en la gloria de Dios, we are always looking for families, we are contacting families, we are teaching families with member families, families families families. Only with an eternal family can we even achieve the highest glory of the Celestial Kingdom. Do you wanna go there??? Cause I sure do!!!!! Then of course I always think of my family/cheerleaders. Holy cow we should enter into the Coolest Family Contest one day. WE WOULD WIN!

Cool huh? Wanna know something else great about San Luis? We go visit less active members, and we talk, and they just share with us the most powerful testimonies. That happened twice this week. There are little nuggets of gold in San Luis. Literally. These people don´t have anything, but they have a testimony, and they are so humble. Some can´t read, but they know the church and the Book of Mormon are true. Holy cow I love this place.

This week we have the baptism of Gaby. This Saturday at 10:00 in the morning. Then in the afternoon she is going with the ward relief society to the birthday party of the Relief Society... or whatever it is. Already best friends!!!!!!

Next week, (we are speculating) that Elder Reed is going to change. I´ve had my first 3 months in the field, aka the training. Hopefully I stay in the same area, for at least one more change. I can´t wait to get a latino compañero. I literally love speaking spanish, and it`s hard to do with 2 Gringos. We always forget.

Anywho, I don´t have much else to say this week. Nothing really happened. We found a few positive people, still no families. Still looking for families, families, families. The mission this month is doing really good. We are getting close to our goal of 250 baptisms in one month.

I´m so glad to be here, and be a part of the only true church on the face of the earth. It´s so true. We have the authority of God here on earth. We had the opportunity to give a member a blessing of health this week. She could barely move. She is one of those nuggets of gold, with a ton of faith. She told us that after we gave her the blessing, the pain went away in her head, she could stretch her legs, and the next day she was perfect. That is a straightup miracle!!!! She was healed by the power of God! Holy cow I love this stuff!! I love each one of you. So so much. Seriously you don´t even realize how much I love you.

Elder Jensen

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I love you.

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