Monday, March 12, 2012

Super Calidad

Hey what´s happenin!

How on earth....... or where on earth are you? haha Well I´m in Guatemala. Wanna know something that is cool?? I love this country more and more everyday. I seriously love it. I always think while I´m riding in the bus about how much I love this place and the people. They sure are great. All I want to do is hug them!!

This week was spectacular. Monday, we ate a pig, like I mentioned last week... It was tasty. We invited Presidente Maravilla and his wife to eat with us. Super calidad. They are the two most awesomest people ever. We are basically best friends already, and we don´t even talk much... we just smile hahaha.

Tuesday we did divisions, I love divisions a lot. It was my turn to leave the area this time so I went 5 minutes down the road to Los Brillantes with Elder Lechtenberg. First we taught this guy that we contacted and he was asking us why there are tons of churches and why most churches don´t even follow the scriptures and all kinds of stuff like that. So we taught him. and then at the end I said the prayer, and he asked if we could kneel, so of course we said yes, and most of the people here pray all at the same time, so he did that. I said amen, Elder Lechtenburg said amen, he said... nothing.... he was still praying.... so we waited.. and waited... for 15 minutes longer he prayed. We just stayed kneeling cause we didn´t really know what to do. Oh man it was a treasure.

Then we go to another lady. Elder Lechtenberg and his companion had taught them only one time, about a month ago. After we said the prayer we asked her if she had any questions. She was like, "how many times does someone have to go to church to get baptized?" and we told her, "oh until you feel ready... like 3 (mission rule)" and she was like, "oh." then quiet... then she just smiled at her husband, and we asked if she had anything else and she said, "I´ve already made my decision, I want to get baptized." So we set the date... without teaching anything and without challenging her. It was awesome.

Oh and remember that family that I told you I found in their area also... about a month ago... and I said they will get baptized..... yeah... this week is their week. cool huh??

Wednesday morning we had a conference with President, a new missionaries conference, where we learned and did a few practices and then ate McDonalds. We had another one on Friday too. Holy cow my mission president is ultra powerful/ultra awesome.  I love him a ton.

Thursday we had a zone meeting and one of our zone leaders talked about doubting. Don´t doubt. When we walk into a house and we see all kinds of Catholic things, we automatically doubt. I´m trying not to doubt, because we never ever know what is going to happen. If we doubt, we are automatically turning off the Spirit a little bit. DON´T DOUBT EVEN A LITTLE BIT!! With God, nothing is impossible.

Friday after the conference, we taught our investigator, Gaby. I was feelin all powerful from the conference and my spanish was super super great. She has had little doubts about getting baptized. but she was sitting there with the Book of Mormon in her hands and was like "did you leave me to read Alma 37?" and we said no.... and we were all confused, and I looked at it, and I have verse 5-6 (?) marked. It talks about small and simple things, so I had her read it, and I just started talking. I don´t know what I said or how I said it, I just remember bearing my testimony, feeling the spirit, and challenging her. What´d she say?? "yes." Cool huh? She is set for the 24th of March!

Sunday was Stake Conference. It was super super good. We were sitting in the backish and I could see over everyone´s heads. HAHAHA.

Then after church I was eating spaghetti, and on sundays I pull out our family pictures so we can eat together. It´s fun. It makes me want to work harder. I can honestly say I will never want to come home, except after two solid years. My companion is super baggy, and it´s terrible. I´m never gettting baggy. Thinking about home makes me more stoked to be here and to return with honor am i right?? Yeah, I´m a backwards missionary. Everyone always just thinks about home, and all I want to do is be here. I love it so much.

I love you so much. More than you will ever know.

Elder Jensen

ps. it´s mango season!!!!!!!

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