Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Don't Forget About Me!

Howdy y’all...

I have some bad news and some great news.

The bad news - I do not remember this week AT ALL. I don’t remember what we did, who we talked to, where we went, or anything. I just remember we worked super hard and all the days just ran together. It feels like I just wrote you yesterday........

The great news - I’m still a missionary, and I’m still here in the motherland.

So I will take this opportunity to think about my week................................................................................................................................................

I know we did divisions one day, we taught the Law of Chastity another day, we talked to a lot of people, we have positive families, and our bishop loves us. Other than all of that, I really don’t remember.

Please don’t hate me...

uh oh... it’s going to rain today......

I don’t really know what to write this week. I just looked through my agenda, but that didn’t help.

I realized this week also the importance of studying. I always knew the importance, and I always liked to study. But I just love it more and more everyday. President Maravilla always says if we aren’t studying, we don’t have investigators. It’s true. We study for our investigators, not for ourselves. I always learn more when I’m studying for someone else, and I always feel the Spirit stronger. I love being a missionary and being able to feel the Spirit. I really am enjoying every second of my mission. I love to teach, I love to study, I love the people, and I sorta kinda am learning to love to plan.... But we always see success when we plan.

I´m going to have changes on the 20th. I´m scared to death and scared to death. I will have 6 months in San Luis, my home. I´m a little selfish about San Luis. It is my area, no one else’s. It will always be my area, and it’s the first place I’m going back to visit. A dusty old road, with a million churches and tiendas... love that place.

I love teaching the truth to people. Elder Aoki and I (and the whole mission) we’re trying to contact more. Everyday we should set 20 appointments with people we talk to on the street. WOW that is a lot. So we talk to everyone. I’ve found out, the more people we talk to, the more rejection we get. Rejection isn’t common in Guatemala, but it is still there. Every bit of rejection we get, I feel sad for my hermanos y hermanas in Guatemala. They don’t realize that two jovenes have the truth, and just want to help. We have the message about the ONLY way we can make it back to live with our Heavenly Father.

We also have the Book of Mormon. Elder Aoki and I walk around with Books of Mormon in our hands, so it forces us to focus on the book. (maybe that’s why we have received more rejection). The Book of Mormon - Another Testament of Jesus Christ, is the evidence and proof that our message is true. IF the Book of Mormon is false, I’m wasting two years of my life, I’m a liar, 56,000 missionaries are liars, and the church is not true. BUT THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE!!! It teaches us that Jesus is the Christ, our Redeemer, and our Savior. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, called to be an instrument to restore the truth here on the earth. Through Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ established his church here on the earth once again. With the exact foundation and principles as it was before. La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días es el reino de Dios aqui en la tierra. I might not speak perfect Spanish, and I know I’m not a perfect missionary, but that is my testimony, and I will NEVER deny it. If you have doubts about anything, read the Book of Mormon. Read Alma 7. PLEASE READ ALMA 7. I love that chapter. It has helped me help my investigators.

I’m sorry I don’t have much to say............................

Pictures are included. To get to one area of San Luis, we have to cross a field of sugar cane.. I think it’s sugar cane. So we snapped some photos of that and then a big tree in the middle of the field and pictures of the volcano. Cool huh??

I love you so so much. I miss you too... Remember who you are and what you stand for. We are the light of the world!

ps, sorry if this doesn´t make sense, my mind is in spanish mode. I started typing Spanish about 4 or 5 times. I always forget.

I´ve been super blessed with two things on my missions - the language and my health. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts and letters... (letters are nice)....... Write me!!!!
Elder Jensen

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