Friday, June 29, 2012

Transfer....San Antonio

I am in an area called San Antonio, with my companion Elder Juarez from Mexico. He has 9 months in the mission, so we are just new guys. But he is a super duper good teacher and a good missionary. I’m so excited for this month!!!

This week we just got to know the area, and some members. Also we found some new positive people. We are teaching a family right now that have a fecha for this next Saturday. The man was kinda just waiting for an answer and stuff, so we went with the movie Together Forever. I had never seen it before, but we popped it in. The movie started talking about the guy’s EXACT problems with his family and everything. Then we taught about the importance of family, and the Atonement (my favorite subject), then we asked him about the Saturday, and he started crying, and couldn’t really talk. The Spirit was so powerful, he knew it was true, his wife knew it was true, and my testimony was strengthened. I loved every second of it. He and his wife will be baptized this Saturday with 3 or 4 of their kids. We aren’t 100% sure about the other kid right now, but Ill let you know how it goes. We also found another man that wants to get baptized this Saturday... so he will be baptized too and maybe a 13-year-old girl. We will see about that one tonight.

I get so excited to work here in San Antonio. I just feel like my attitude is better, my faith is stronger, I have less doubts, my Spanish is getting better, and I just feel more desires to share the truth and to study the scriptures. I just feel desires to be better. I loved San Luis, but I LOVE San Antonio!

San Antonio is the most baptizing and best area in the entire mission, I just know there are people here waiting for me, I’m just ready to go find them.

I love being a missionary, I’m sorry this letter is short. Just know that I am doing great, working hard, still haven’t gotten sick my entire mission (that is a miracle), and I love this message that I have. I have the strongest testimony of it, and I couldn’t ever ever deny it. It is the truth, nothing more, nothing less. I have learned so much, but there is so much to learn. Now I just wanna go study my scriptures. bye bye...

les amo con todo mi corazon.

Elder Jensen

I added some of his letter to his dad...

San Antonio is a super awesome city, where EVERYONE is prepared to be baptized. My zone is now called Mazate (Mazatenango) and it is the most baptizing zone of the whole mission. Our goal in July as a zone is 100 with 20 families..... Incredible. As a district our goal is 40 and 10....... it just happens to be the most baptizing district in the mission. And our goal as an area for July is 20 and 6.. It just so happens to be the most baptizing area of the mission. I think its safe to say I’m in the best area in the mission. This area always baptizes more than some zones.... Everyone in this zone is just rockin it. This zone has tons of success. It has all the good food places, all the best EVERYTHING. I’m super enjoying my time here and super ready to work hard. The record in this area is 25 with 4 families in one month, pretty crazy huh?? I have learned to have more faith here and to doubt less.. the truth is, I want to smash that record.

I’m in San Antonio with my companion Elder Juarez from Mexico. Super rockin. He is the greatest. He is a super super good teacher.... I thought I was an all right teacher, but now I just feel like a bad one compared to him. But with the Spirit, it really doesn’t matter how bad we are, right?! We are focusing in the scriptures more. President always tells us to just read them the truth, so that’s what we do. It has been working out quite nicely, it brings the Spirit stronger, and the scriptures are the best teachers. 

I love waking up every morning here. It is a small city here, so there is more energy, and you know how I like that. San Luis was just one street of nothing...... even though I loved it, I love San Antonio more!

We live right above a grocery store, so if we get hungry during study time or something, we just drop on down to eat a bite. yummy.

There used to be 4 missionaries in this ward, but they took out the other 2 because we are losing missionaries left and right. We are super super low right now. In August 30 missionaries go home, (9 zone leaders, and a ton of District Leaders) and only 20 news come. President is a little worried, but it is going to help us grow as a mission. I really hope Chandler comes here, there is nothing like this mission. at least... I think not. It is amazing. I love being a missionary, I love the scriptures, I love the Gospel, and I love more than anything, teaching about the Atonement and reading Alma 7 with people. I LOVE IT! I love you so much. 

Maybe you could share this solid letter with the others. It would save my fingers. I love you

Elder Jensen

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