Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm Hungry and I Wanna Go Eat!!!

Hi people.

This letter is going to be short, I´m hungry and I wanna go eat!!!!!

This week was a good one, as usual right???? I learned lots of things and was led by the spirit a lot. I´m so happy for this opportunity to speak spanish, to learn things, to grow, and to become a better missionary. Wow I sure am lucky right?? Well this week, we worked a lot, and just did what we were supposed to do, nothing super grande happened, but here´s my week - 

Tuesday - Elder Aoki smashed my hand in a taxi door. Thank you Elder Aoki. But I´m ok, the doctor sewed me up nice and tight. 10 stitches................................................................................................................. Just kidding. No stitches, but it hurt. But I´m healed. cool huh? Nothing else really happened... just worked hard, plus I don´t really remember.....

Wednesday - It was Mothers Day in Nicaragua.... Where is Hermana Maravilla from?? yeah.... So as a zone, and the two zones in Reu got together and practiced two songs, got some gifts and went and surprised her at her house...... but she wasn´t there.... only President. So he called her and she was getting her nails done, right close by the house. So of course we went to find her.... in the tiniest nail salon. Everyone was confused, and she sure loved the songs and gifts. It was a great day.

Thursday - All I remember is what we at for lunch.......... pig feet. About two months ago I ate cow feet with all the tendons and nerves right?? well, pig feet is the same... just smaller. It made me sick. Know I´m currently aware of the two things that make me sick - Coconuts and pig feet. No thank you. We also had to find a house, cause the house we live in now got sold... luckily we found a house. (Saw miracles there, remind me in a year and a half to tell the story).

Friday - We had interviews and a little seminary with President. I sure do love that man with my whole entire heart. I talked to Hermana Maravilla a lot too, I sure love her too. We are probably the luckiest mission in the whole world. NOT EVEN JOKING.

Saturday - we started packing up our house a little bit, to be out Monday morning. Then we went out and worked. We visited a family that asked us if we drink coffee... we said no. What did the family do?? BROUGHT US COFFEE, and expected us to drink it. They literally said, "we know it is your religion, but just drink it this once, then you can keep the commandment." I was just baffled at this...... but we kindly declined and everything was just calidad.

Sunday - After church we went to eat food with our Sunday eating food people. (we eat there every sunday now). As we were eating it started raining.. not just raining, but pouring a whole animal shelter of cats and dogs and elephants. incredible. Also the road was a pure river, so we couldn´t leave. So we hung out a little, the lady taught me how to crochet (I´m making a tie), we got hungry again so we made pancakes. The best part, I was showing them how eggs don´t break if you squish them in certain parts...... but then I broke an egg cause I didn´t do it right. It shot to the ceiling, the hermana screamed and everyone just laughed super a lot. Then I scored a super old 1 Quetzal bill.... money. Cool huh?? Then it finally stopped raining, so we left and worked!!

Monday - This morning we moved, with the help of bishop and his truck, we did it in a half an hour. Then we cleaned the house a little and then we had an activity with the zone. It was fun. I´m sleepy, that´s why this letter is a sleepy letter. sorry.

But guess what?? The church is still true. I love seeing investigators recieve answers, it strengthens my testimony everytime. I´m a messenger of the truth, and I love it.

I also had the opportunity to give two or three blessings this week. The Priesthood is real, it is here on the earth, and it is amazing!!!

Just know that I love you so so much. I miss you. Write me. 

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Jensen

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