Monday, June 18, 2012

Tom Hanks is a Taxi Driver in San Luis...Did You Know?

What´s cookin?
Beej, Care Bear, Kelwey, Brookie, Yinny, and umm... Corey (what´s your nickname?)

I´m just still here in little old Guatemala. Preachin, teachin, and testifying. I sure am lucky right??? This week was incredibly fast am I right????? yeah... I know I´m right.

This week was a good one though. Elder Aoki and I found a lot of people and almost all of them are super positive. 

Things I learned this week -- I LOVE teaching. I love it. I LOVE IT!!!! Yesterday the Sunday School teacher was sick, so she asked me to teach. So I had sacrament meeting to read over the lesson really quick (Alma 5-7) probably my favorite section of all of the Book of Mormon. Super machete, but it´s great. So I taught the lesson with power, and I didn’t really follow the book that much, but I liked the lesson, I felt the Spirit, and I hope everyone else did. I also realized that I’m basically fluent in Spanish............ That is a miracle. (I still don’t call myself fluent, but it’s getting there, better and better.. good enough where I can teach a whole Sunday School lesson)

Something else I learned this week -- I love love love reading the scriptures. I used to just read them, and enjoy them right.. but now I just read them in ever second of free time that I have. Seems like they are more powerful in Spanish too... maybe just cause I really have to focus on the words and the meanings and I actually understand it rather than just skimming fast. I just really enjoy the scriptures these days. The other day I read 2 Nefi 33, I love the words that Nephi chooses and what he says. It´s just a super powerful chapter.

This week I don´t remember much...

Monday - we had a Noche de Hogar (whatever it is in English...) with a family.. super rockin.

Tuesday - We did divisions. I was with Elder Cieza (my old companion) in San Luis. It was just like old times. But not that fun, it was weird I don’t really know why. We found these two old blind people.... a couple... and they are both blind and they are just dang cuties.... they didn’t understand much of what we said, but they invited us back!

Wednesday - we ended divisions... kinda. We went to San Felipe to change, but the Hermanas were moving so we helped a little, then we figured out Elder Aoki had to do some baptismal interviews. So we just stayed in San Felipe and slept with the Zone Leaders,

Thursday - don’t remember......

Friday - We had a Noche de Hogar with a family that just moved in. We went with a member family, with some enchiladas and drinks and went to visit them and welcome them into the neighborhood... at first the lady didn´t even want to let us in, but her brother-in-law did. Then we started teaching about the Restoration. They just kinda started attacking us. Telling us that they believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Virgin Mary. Then talking about how they already had their church, they we just hard I dunno. Elder Aoki bore his testimony super strong, and then we popped in the Joseph Smith movie. They watched it, we testified some more. THEY WERE COMPLETELY CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We gave them a Book of Mormon, challenged them, and they said they would read and pray. It was great, and then we become best friends. There is still some work there, but we will try hard.

Saturday - There was a baptism in Muluá (the sister´s area) and a little kid picked me to baptize him... so I did it happily. FOTO! In the nighttime a member gave us beans and eggs. Yummy.

Sunday - Every investigator that we are teaching had something, so no one came to church... but there is always next week. We went to Muluá to help the sisters teach an investigator. It was cool stuff. Then we got back and visited our bishop and his wife. I wanted to say goodbye... they were just about to go to sleep but they got up and made us beans and eggs. I LOVE THEM... (beans and eggs and Bishop and his wife)

And here we are again, Monday. Haven’t done anything yet... about to go to Reu to shop and stuff.. I’m going to buy a new backpack so I can switch off when It’s wet, (it’s stinky if it’s wet) so make sure I have money :) 

Just know that I love you all so so much. I´m so proud of the Jensen name, and to be here working!

The church is true and I know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Elder Jensen

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