Monday, September 17, 2012

Lots of Pictures!

What´s happenin my fammmm.

Just here in the motherland, one week full of stuff... This past week Guatemala celebrated it’s independence. It was just a great week, and I am sure proud to be Chapin. But for reals it made me love this place even more. I love all the culture and the things they do. There were parades every morning at 8 o clock in San Antonio. All the kids in schools walk around the city and just carry around flags and there are bands and jammin music... but the only day we watched the parade was Saturday in the morning. It was fun, members invited us to watch it with them and then we went and ate breakfast at their house. I just love this place. I sent a little taste of the parade, aka pictures. 

Also this week we had a ward activity. Comida tipica, aka Guatemala food. There were a few investigators there so it was good. The primary sang and danced, we sang the Guatemalan National Anthem, we got all prideful to be Guatemaltecos. I love this place. There are a few pictures of that night too.

There is also a picture of me about to eat a colorful little chick. Our cocinera has some and I´m obsessed with them… cause they are colors.... it’s not natural.

Other than those two fun things we walked a lot, got wet, taught a lot, and nothing really special happened. It was a good week of work though. I went to Chicacao this week and did divisions there, it was fun. I’m learning tons, but more than anything I’m helping the people that I love so much. Everything the Guatemalans do, I love. The way they are, the way they talk, what they wear. I’m just fascinated by the culture and everything and I just love it. I know this message that I share helps Guatemalans, Russians, Americans, Eskimos, Africans, and every other race on the face of the earth. It’s for everyone, it doesn’t matter rich poor ugly or handsome. It is the true church of our Savior Jesus Christ here on this earth.

I just have enough time to send more pictures; sorry this letter was not that great. Just know that I’m doing good, working hard, speaking Spanish, loving and serving the people. I’m healthy, safe, and I know that I’m doing the right things. I love you all so much, especially Oakley.

ps. Corey, write me!


Elder Jensen

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