Thursday, September 6, 2012


hi family. 

This week was smashing! We has success, we taught, we also did some other stuff.... We will see if I remember the week because I forgot my paper with the week summary... it makes it easier to write emails... but I forgot. So here it goes...

Tuesday - We had interviews with President Maravilla. I sure love that man. I sure am lucky huh?? It was super good. I cant tell you what we talked about cause its confidential... just kidding. We talked about how I was feeling with my two new assignments. So he helped me out a little bit. Still a little stressed out but it's getting better and better.

Wednesday - I dont really remember what we did... but I remember that it was good. It couldve rained or something, but I really dont remember.......... 

Thursday - I went to another area called Chicacao in my district and we did divisions. I walked around with some crazy kid from Panama named Elder Lezcano. It was pretty fun and a little break from the same ol same ol.

Friday - We contacted a ton, didnt really find much. We area also teaching three families right now. Two couples, one is Antonio y Maria and the other is Jose y Siomara. Maybe I already wrote you guys about them but they are super awesome. Also we are teaching Olga and her kids... They are also awesome. We are going to have a lot of success this month, because we have a lot of positive people.

Saturday - We had a baptism!!!! This lady and her 5 kids went to church about 2 weeks ago with a member, they had just moved into San Antonio. But we figured out that the mom and one of the daughters is already a member. But the other kids no, so we started teaching them all and we were just going to baptize two of the kids, cause there are two girls that are special. But they really wanted to get baptized too, so we got permission from President Maravilla and the bishop here in SA. It was a super good baptism. They were all so happy! I sent you pictures... one of the pictures is blurry, but you can see how happy I am. hahaha

Sunday - we went to church (weird thing to do huh??), we also ate lunch with a family that has a son in St. George. He actually lives in Hurricane... so if some Guatemalan comes knockin on your door some day, its not my fault. Just hug him and give him some atol... (this hot drink that everyone drinks, atol de maiz, atol de mosh, atol de arroz, chocolate con arroz.... there are thousands of them).

This week was fun. Im still pretty stressed about everything, I have some big responsability and its hard doing all of it with someone new at my side. But I know I can do it, President knows I can do it, and God knows I can do it. I have learned a lot, grown, and loved more.

The mission is the hardest thing in the whole wide world. I think... But its fun, and I like it. I know my Savior lives, he loves me, and you. He just wants us to be happy here on the earth. He wants to bless us but cant do it if we arent obedient. Every week we also have the opportunity to start over. Its called the Sacrament. Other churches dont really understand the importance of it, they do the sacrament one time a month or one time a year. We do it 52 times a year... well a little less. But still, it is the opportunity that we have each week to start over and get better. week by week, poco a poco. 

I love you all, I miss you.

ps I hit 10 months yesterday.......................... wow. I love you.

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