Monday, September 10, 2012


Helllllooooooooooooooooo Familyyyy...

How are you?? Here I am in Guatemala, still working hard and trying my best. What a week did I have.... It went by in a snap, and not really a whole lot happened, but it was a memorable week. BUT, things I forgot to tell you all from last week... Elder Rucker and I had to wash our own clothes…by hand. Our laundry lady hurt her arm, so we did it. I also pressed all my shirts. It was funny. But now we have a new laundry lady, hopefully I never have to do that again. Ok cool, now that we are all caught up, I will tell you about my week. Pictures included, I have been trying to take more pictures. I have to remember this stuff!!!

Tuesday - I went to another area in my district called Samayac. It was fun, I did 2 interviews and we found a bunch of people. It’s a cool little area, and Elder Pereyra and I had some fun. He is from Oregon... Nothing really special happened, just work.

Wednesday - Elder Jennings, (Zone Leader), came to San Antonio with me and we went to another part of our area called Panan to teach this one guy. All of his family is baptized, just not him. But we left without a fecha, he is a tough bugger... But he always goes to church, so maybe one day he will change. Panan is about 30 minutes away from San Antonio in a bus, and when we got done with the lesson it was pouring rain, and there weren’t any busses at this time. But the Lord always blesses us with a ride… we got a little wet.. .and we finished the night off with Tortas Mexicanas. Yummy, yummy.

Thursday - all I remember about Thursday is that it rained, and we got super wet.

Friday - Was a fun day. First we left the house after lunch, and we went and visited an investigator, and I left their house and realized that I really had to go number 2.... really bad. We were going to walk back to our house, but I couldn’t make it. Luckily there was a lady cleaning the Catholic Church nearby. I asked her for the bathroom and went out back to use it. As I was busy there I realized there wasn’t any TP..... I panicked….I had to use a plan of salvation pamphlet... I don’t know if that’s a sin or not. J I hope not... Luckily I didn’t get any in my pants, but we still went back to the house so I could shower. It was pretty funny. Then we left and started teaching more, and these awesome kids gave us a free ride in a tuctuc. It’s like a tricycle taxi. We just drove around for like 5 minutes, it was funny... Then some members invited us over for a birthday party, so we ate some cake and some tostadas. I sure love Guatemala. What a memorable day. We also found a lady with 9 kids, and she doesn’t go to any church, she was even a little embarrassed that she hadn’t been baptized yet. So we will work with her. I´m lovin families.

Saturday - we contacted all morning in the hot sun, and then we had a baptism. Cristel is her name, and she is my favorite. Her sister got baptized 2 weeks ago. That was fun, a lot of members showed up, so that was good. Then we went and worked and taught these two couples that we are teaching. We have a lot of positive people right now, they just haven’t gone to church yet... (there is always something!!!!!!!) But they promised us they would go the next week and the next Saturday we will have a big baptism. I’m excited for next week.

Sunday - we went to church. Then we visited, ate a super good lunch, carne asada with pasta with salad with green onions with guacamole with papaya with oranges.... all that haha sounds weird when I describe it like that, but it sure was tasty. Then we visited. One of our investigators is drinking again… so we are trying to help him. YIKES!

All the pictures that I’m sending are of the baptism, of my house, then today we were in a park, waiting for our pictures to print off, and I took a picture with two members that were in the parade earlier today. Saturday is Independence Day, so they are doing all kinds of stuff here. I love it.

I love being a missionary, even though I’m stressed, tired, and everything in between. The church is true. Baptism is so important, and just as important is the sacrament. Please go to church every week. Read the Book of Mormon, pray, and do the things you know you should do. I love you all so much.  

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