Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Life is Beautiful

IT´S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We haven´t done anything special, I actually keep forgetting it´s my birthday! But who cares right?? 

I´m just sitting here in this internet cafe thinking about how wonderful life is. After seeing all the pictures and hearing about your week, and after crying my eyes out, I realize how blessed I am. God loves me so much, and I am far from perfect, but He has blessed me so much with the best family and we are all safe, healthy, and loved... and funny.

Thank you for the pictures and emails. But I can´t just sit here and be the only one to be wished Happy Birthday!!! 

Dear Chandler, 
Happy Birthday!!! I love you!

Dear Corey,
Happy Birthday!!! I love you!

Dear Mommy,
Happy Birthday!!! I love you!

Dear Kelsey,
Happy Birthday!!! I love you!

Dear Grandpa,
Happy Birthday!!! I love you!

There... that will get us through the rest of Oct... then comes Brookie.. Plus Happy Birthday to Eric and Mason!!! Also to everyone else who shares the month of Oct with the Jensen fam! I´m actually in the process of a little project for everyone.. It´s nothing big, but I´ll will finish it tonight and send it tomorrow. Hopefully you get it before Chandler leaves!!

I tell the Guatemalans about our birthday month and they all tell me that we are the owners of October, they could never be more correct. I love October.

My week was a crazy one!! Right now the mission is really low.. like, really low. So Wednesday and Thursday we had trainings and conferences with President. I love that man so much! We practiced a lot, and got more animated and stoked to be missionaries. Plus this week are the changes so I think that will help a lot too. I still don´t know if I am leaving my area, but I´m pretty sure I will. I´m sad, but ready for some new stuff. I´ve learned a TON in San Antonio and it will always be in a special little place in my heart. I love it.

Tonight for my birthday we are going to this members house and I don´t really know what we are going to do... but I will take some pictures. Then tomorrow our cocinera is going to make me a good lunch and she says she has surprises for me!! This is the best day of my life... I think. 

Other than the conferences with President, I don´t remember what else we did... I know we walked a lot, we got wet... ooohh crazy story time - 

So San Antonio is right on the road to Guatemala City, and there was a bridge that part of the concrete pieces fell down about 20cm so no one could pass through. So all the traffic was directed up the mountains through a city called Chicacao (my district) and then down through San Antonio. It was a super mess and there were just cars and buses and trucks parked everywhere. So I had to get up to Chicacao Saturday morning, by this time the roads were more organized, there were just a lot of cars parked in Chicacao and the police letting people travel up for a time and down for a time, cause the roads are super skinny. anywho.. we got up to Chicacao and we were walking by all the cars and there was a car with a senior couple inside, aka senior couple missionaries from Guate trying to get to Reu. So we said hi and I went and did the interview. Then Elder Rucker and I started walking down and the second car in line was the same missionaries. So we got in the car and they gave us a ride down to San Antonio. (not the crazy part yet). (background info - Elder Rucker has a friend that has grandparents serving in Guate too) So the Hermana asks us if we know an Elder Rucker... we start freaking out. She said she was going to bring him a jar of peanut butter from his friends grandparents, but she didn´t know how to get it to him, so she didn´t bring it. Weird.. (Not the crazy part yet). So then we are talking and they were from Sandy and I told them I was from St. George. They said they have a house there and asked me where our house was. I told them, and the Hermana said, (crazy part) "oh, I went to the Washington Fields Stake Center to do family history once." So I said, "Oh, you probably did it with my mom then." "well, who´s your mom?" "Carrie Jensen." "Oh my gosh... SHE´S YOUR MOM." Then the lady started telling me about how beautiful our Springs house was and that my mom is skinny and nice and that she saw pictures of our house and all kinds of stuff...... wow. Her name is Hermana Spencer and her husband is Arlene Coulsen´s brother... Crazy story huh. I hope all that stuff made sense...

My week was a good one. My birthday is a good one. I hope everyone has a very good week, and always remembers how blessed we really are to be a family. God gives us families to be happy, and I sure am happy. I know that Jesus is the Christ, my Redeemer, and Savior. He lives. I know that I´m a representative of His church here on earth. I know it, because I have prayed. No one forced me to believe it. Living right is the only way to find true happiness in this life. I think I´ve found true happiness. A loving family and knowledge of the true church. I think I´ve found true happiness today. I love you all so much and hope that you are good this week and have the best of birthdays. 

With love from Guatemala.

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