Monday, October 29, 2012

Hola familia mia

Hola familia mia,

How´s it going??

Oh boy do I sure have a lot of news for you. My name is Elder Jensen, and I now live in an area called La Nueva Concepción, zona Tiquisate. That also means that I have another companion.... and guess who is training again?? ME! HAhaha his name is Elder Barnes and he is from Texas. I actually didn´t know I was going to train again, until I got on the bus with the rest of the zone to go to the change meeting, they told me right before we all jumped on. 

That all means that we are both new to the area, and we don´t know the people. But it´s really fun to start fresh everything. The other missionaries left some people, but they are not even a little bit positive, so we are starting over. Extra prayers sent my way sure would help. 

Our area is just a ton of houses and it is SO flat. In the area there are just a bunch on blocks, like 24. Everything is really organized and everyone has a number to their lot, it´s pretty easy to find people. I´m really REALLY excited about this area, but send some prayers on the way for Elder Barnes too. He really misses his family, and he doesn´t really like to work or anything.. he is 100% completely opposite than Elder Rucker. But I have other things to learn from him. But he is getting excited because we already have a baptism lined up and we found a REALLY positive family yesterday.

I will take you through my week

Monday - We celebrated my birthday and I thought of all of you, I ate cake in your honor.

Tuesday - My cocinera made some lasagna and we chilled there for a little while and ate some lunch, and said our goodbyes. They gave me a cool card and here in Guatemala they used to have bills of 50 cents, if that makes sense, so they gave me one. I have a money collection going.

Wednesday - was the day of changes, I was sad but excited at the same time, then like I said, as we were getting on the bus they told me I would train again. Yikes! So we got to our area at about 6 pm, dropped our stuff out at the house, and the other missionaries in our branch took us around and showed us a few members, where we eat and who washes the clothes, then to the chapel. Then it decided to rain... and of course I didn´t have any sort of protection. I sure got wet. It was fun though. Our house is nice, it´s another pink house (I´ve already had 2 pink houses in my mission). I´ll snag some pics. Also the crazy part about my mission is, in the whole year, I have had 2 companions that didn´t speak english, 6 weeks each one. I have just been with a million gringos. It´s kinda tough, but if it´s what God says, then I´ll do it.

Thursday - We worked. We just got to know the members and people the other missionaries left. Nothing too exciting.

Friday - Same thing as Thursday

Saturday - basically the same thing, BUT we had a branch activity, talent night. It was really fun. There were crazy missionaries, clowns, dances, and songs. It was awesome. I didn´t get any pics... bummer. There was also a lady there that told us that she wanted to get baptized...... and she has 3 kids, I think. So we are going to get that lined us for this week or next week. Her sister is a member and brought her to the activity and she has gone to church a lot I guess.. cool.

Sunday - We had branch conference. I liked it. It´s just a little branch, and we just cook like hot dogs in the church.. It´s really REALLY hot here. Elder Barnes was feeling sick, and after church we went to our cocinera to eat lunch and he didn´t want to eat all his lunch, but I made him cause we didn´t want to offend her. Then we leave the house and leave her front gate, and he hurls!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I died of laughter.... then we found out that our fridge doesn´t really work that good and he drank sour milk. HAHAHAHAHA. It ruled. (am I bad for laughing at him??). Then last night we were contacting and we found a positive couple, they ruled.

Well... my week was good. I hope you all have a good week this week. Be positive, keep your heads up, always looking up and ahead, not behind. I know the church is the true church on earth. God lives. He loves us so much. Just look around, it´s proof that he exists. We are literally his children. I know the church is the true church and God´s kingdom here on earth. I´m so happy for this past year, and cannot wait to serve another year. I love you all so much. Be good, happy birthday to everyone. I miss you so much. But who cares right? I´m a missionary!!
Elder Jensen

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