Monday, October 22, 2012

Que honda?

What's happenin?? Or as my brothers and sisters from the great land of Guatemala say, "¿Que honda?" Its just basically whats up.

How is everything this week? Judging by all the pictures and the letters from Corey and Brooke and Chandler and Oakley, everything is going just great!!! HAHA Just kidding... cause they didnt write me. I still love you.

I'm just here in San Antonio, right now its not too hot. It wants to rain, and has a little, but not too much. October is the rainiest month, and I already want sun. But sun = hot.

This past week was quite a good one,  as always!!! I'm a missionary, I don't know how it could be bad!

Highlights of the week -

*I taught a really, REALLY Catholic guy about baptism, he didnt really listen to me, but it was still a little fun.

*We contacted a lot of people

*We found a lady named Angelica and her two kids that went to church with us. They rule. We have only taught us one time but they are really really positive. I love teaching positive people.

*It rained a lot

*I healed a lady.. well, I didnt do it, God did it.. here's the story --> Every Sunday we go to a different house to eat lunch, and yesterday we went to this place to eat lunch called Aldea Margaritas, and we had actually taken a wrong turn and found some houses to contact, but nothing positive. So we went back the way we came and we passed by this house of a member and there was tons of people inside, and they called us in. Turns out that the lady fainted and her son carried her back to her house and she had been out for about an hour and a half... crazy. So we gave her a blessing and about 10 minutes later she was back to normal. It was pretty crazy. She usually faints when she gets super mad, but usually comes back. But luckily for us, and for her, if we hadnt taken the wrong turn, we wouldnt have seen her or been able to help her. I remember even looking down the right alleyway we were supposed to go down and I remember thinking that it didnt look right, and it was a place I had been down about 30 times, but I just kept walking. The Lord works in misterious ways.

*Another area in my district had a baptism and when I did the interview, the lady wanted me to baptize her. So I did. (fotos included)

*We are teaching a 22 year old girl that has a ton of questions (I love questions) but we were there in the member's house teaching her and it was my turn to share the first vision, so I shared it. I hadn't ever felt the Spirit so strong in one lesson. I almost started crying, the member almost started crying, and the investigator almost started crying. I felt so so happy and just wanted to sit there in silence. Even another evidence that the church is true, and that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration.

That was my week in a few brief sentences. It was a good week. I love being a missionary. The hardest thing is trying to find the people that are waiting for us. Its tough, but there aint nothin worth doing that was easy. (Elder Rucker has that written on his planner). I love Cowboy wisdom. I love this kid.

The church is true, I know it. I could never deny it, and I will never ever leave it. Open your mouth and share the gospel at least one time this week. Cherish your testimonies, and if you dont have one, GET ONE! All you have to do is read, think, and pray and ask God. He listens and loves us, and He always answers.

I miss you guys tons, but it's almost like I haven't seen you for about a year.... oh wait..... I plan to make this year even better than the first one. Wish me luck.

Changes are coming up the 24th. There is a 94% chance that I'm leaving my beloved town of San Antonio. We'll see how it goes. 

PS There is a member in my ward that has a sister that lives on the other side of Guatemala... the missionary assigned in her ward just happens to be Elder Chad Call.... oh man what a small world, and even smaller Guatemala.

PS We might be going to the temple this Friday (pray for that) and Im going to buy a whole ton of stuff. (aka garments, and other stuff maybe... good thing you didnt send me any, plus they are cheaper here).

I love you so so much, be good, and have a good week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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