Tuesday, October 9, 2012

¿Que tal?

¿Que tal?

How are you??

I´m doing so so good. This week was a crazy one. I was thinking about my work for the past week this week and I relized I was only in my area for 2 full days of work. Let me tell you why..

Monday - P-day, I hope you got last weeks letter. Sorry, I was too ambitious trying to send 8 pictures and I´m only allowed to send 5 or 6 I think..

Tuesday - I worked in my area.... But I dont really remember what we did... but we worked.

Wednesday - I went to Reu for a District Leader meeting, man I just love hearing from President. I love that man. He is called of God to teach us and guide us. He was in a super good mood, joking the whole time and just being funny. He even interrupted one of the assistants that was talking just to say there were three types of pressure - divine pressure, pressure that isn´t divine, and pressure inside the stomach. Oh man it was good. But we really learned tons and everytime I listen to him my testimony and love for the gospel is strengthened. He showed us pictures of his branch where he was baptized. When he got baptized there were 5 in the branch, and three months later he was branch president. Then he showed us a picture of 8-9 months after his baptism of a branch of 40-50 people. Then another picture of the two stakes that are there in his town where he was baptized. The church is true, and growing. Then another picture of the day when he and Hermana Maravilla were sealed... they were skinny.

Thursday - I went to Samayac, an area in my district. I did an interview and we found a whole bunch of new people. I loved that day cause we worked hard, it didn´t rain, and I was just happy. I like Samayac.

Friday - The second full day of work in my area. We got a reference from a member for a little family, so we went with them to teach them, and it was GREAT! They live right by the cemetary and one of the members we were with has the biggest fear of cemetaries.... oh man it was SO funny. She almost started crying, but was laughing at the same time. We couldn´t help but make fun of her a little bit. (weird fear, am I right)?

Saturday and Sunday - CONFERENCE!!!!!!!! We got our own seperate english room, and just watched some conference all day. I loved the talk from M. Russell Ballard about the bees and honey. I have made it a goal to make the world more sweet, even though I´m just one person. I basically loved every single talk.. and I forgot to look over my notes to pick out my other favorites. There was another one that I loved by some 70 on Sunday... I don´t remember his name. Of course all of them were good, but I tried picking out stuff so I could be a better missionary.

Personal experience - I used to think it was weird when people used to say that they cherish their testimony or something like that. But these past few weeks I have learned so much, gained so much faith, and grown so much that I can finally say, "I CHERISH MY TESTIMONY." I never pass up the opportunity to share it these days. I know for a fact that God loves me, and you. We are His patojos, (kids). I know that His kingdom is here on earth, after being restored once again through Joseph Smith. I love the church, I love my Savior, Redeemer, Teacher, and I know that He lives. I have started whistling or humming hymns, it makes me feel happy.. and my favorite ones to sing or hum are, "If the Savior stood beside me," and, "Teach me to walk in the Light." I love those two. I´m so grateful for my mission. I love Guatemalans so much. 

Im so lucky, cause anytime I want fried chicken, there is always a little place to buy some!!! HAHA everyone just eats a ton of fried chicken. Well that´s it for another week... I love you all so so much. I hope everyone has a good week. 

Make the world a little sweeter, even if it´s just 1/12th of a teaspoon, just do it. God will bless you. Be good, and share the gospel with everyone. I love you so much!!!!!!!
Elder Jensen

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