Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bella Guatemala

Hello my chickens.... whats up in S town?? Here in the other S town its rockin. Really though.. this week was a good one!! I loved it. There were highs, there were lows, and in betweens. I will definitely remember it forev...

This week we found TWO families, and a members brought 4 people to church yesterday!! We finally have teaching appointments set up and we have things to do rather than contact (which doesnt work) and just get to know members... The first family we found is a partial family. The husband is member, and the wife no. Before she didnt want anything with the church, but now she is wanting to want... haha. So some members invited us over for dinner and we ate and the family showed up, we taught them and we challenged the lady for baptism and she said, "me gustaria, pues." Which basically means, I would like to alright. something like that.... but we havent been able to find her lately... they went on a minitrip to Xela I think.

The other family we found are the parents of Tiffany Boyer.... I mean her look alike... all the kids are members, actually they have kids in Layton I think. The mom is a little rock... but the dad is awesome and really open. The mom thinks we are there just to baptize her. but we are there to share the truth with her. I love this stuff!!

This week we also saw presidente a lot. He came up on Friday for interviews, and I loved it. Then Sunday we had a meeting with him, the stake president, and us. The stake president told us if we baptize 20 people in one month, he will invite the zone to lunch... Im so excited for MARCH!!!! March is the month of miracles. I love march. Pray super hard for my zone, and the families!!! I need lots of prayers up here in Saint Mark....

Cool story - when we were waiting for interviews, Hna Maravilla told us a story about her life, about when they joined to church, about how Satan worked so hard to get them out of their city or out of the church. I loved every second of it. I cant say enough how much I love them!

Today we went to visit some waterfalls which happened to have a hot spring underneath. It ruled. We took tons of pictures. Then we went and ate ceviche (shrimp in no se que... look it up). Then we went to the church and played this game called Elball...(picture included). Its a game we made up here in the zone about a month ago. It is a mix between ping pong, volleyball, and tennis... we play with a tennis ball and my team made it to the championship.. but came up short FOR THE THIRD TIME IN A ROW!!!!!! Man I hate to lose! But I do love Elball (Elder ball...)

I dont have much else to report except... I love you!! I hope you have a smashing week. Enjoy it, there is only one week 17 Feb-24 Feb 2013. Lucky us that God gave us this week huh??

God loves us so much, He sent His Son. Im trying to focus my teaching EVEN MORE in Jesus Christ. He is my Savior. I never skip a chance to testify about Him and His life, suffering, and death. Im His representative on this earth. This is His church. I know it without a doubt.

Im so happy here. I love the members, the bishop, stake president, Presidente y Hermana Maravilla, I love my companion, I love the cold, I love bread with warm milk, or Morcaf aka mormon coffee, or atol, or incaparina. I love tamalitos, I love the zone and I love being a missionary. I love life!!

Be good, be careful, be happy, be healthy, be smart, and be loved by me!! I love you!!!!

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