Monday, February 4, 2013

¿Como les va?

Hello family. ¿como les va?  

It´s really cold. The internet guy just opened the door to buy some atol, (look it up, I love atol), from some lady, and all kinds of cold air is pouring in. My toes are freezing!!! But I am getting more and more used to it. I love it here! In our closet of a house we keep all the doors shut just to keep the warmish air inside. It works out pretty nice. We are looking for another house... President says!!!

This week was a good one. We are getting to know and loving more and more the members. They are all working hard and trying to help us find families to teach. In the coast everyone and their dog lets us in their house. But here in the mountains the work is different. We have to rely a lot on the members and teach lots. The people here are a little smarter, and they work harder aka hay mas pisto... aka there is more money here.

Remember the earthquake a few months ago?? Well I´m living in one of the places that was hit really hard by the earthquake. There are a lot of members that live all over the place because their houses fell or were damaged, there are cracks in just about every wall. Everyonce in a while there are mini earthquakes.. The earth is still moving. When the earthquake happened, our stake center was a health center, now everyone talks about that. It´s cool.

Another good thing about San Marcos - I love Elder Villatoro. I´ve never gotten along with someone like I get along with him. He knows SO much about the scriptures too. (That is one thing I will take home with me is my love for the scriptures!!) We are crazy together!! Not too crazy, we understand there is a time and a place for everything, but the members love us. We are so excited, even though we have no one to teach and we are cold, WE LOVE BEING MISSIONARIES!!!!

This week we have a multi-zone conference with President. Every conference I love that man more. The conferences get better and better every time. He talked about agency. Right now he is raising the bar of obedience in the mission for three reasons - it´s good to be obedient, he is going home this year and he wants the mission to be super good, and in March enter 40 missionaries to the mission. The whole mission is going to be training.

The church is changing the dates of the changes. The 27th of Feb we have changes, then 3 weeks later we have changes and that is when the 40 enter. cool huh?? I´ll probably be here in San Marcos for a while. I´m excited.

I´ve grown so much this past week, learned a lot, and loved more. I´m more patient, more humble, I have a stronger testimony, and I love my Savior, my Redeemer. He lives. This is His kingdom on earth. I know it without a doubt. I love the scriptures. This week we have taught a lot of people about the faith. It is such a simple but powerful principle. If we have faith, we will see miracles in our lives, move the mountains that hold us back, and we are blessed. I love faith.

I love you all so much!!! Be super good, and safe and healthy and stuff.

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