Monday, February 11, 2013

Good Stuff

Hi how are ya, hi how are ya.

What´s new?? Well here I am in San Marcos...... brrrrrrr... my hands are frozen.

But I love it here. The members are the best!!! But it´s hard to find people that want to listen to us. The people aren´t hard, there is just a lot more money here so everyone is always working!! Even on Sundays!! don´t they know about the sabbath day and to keep it holy??

Well on Tuesday we traveled to the hot of Reu for a zoney meeting with President Maravilla. Every month we have to go. It was a super good meeting, as always with President. I hope you can meet him one day, I´ve never met someone like him. He is amazing. I literally feel bad for the rest of the missionaries in the world because he isn´t their president. I love him. We were sitting in the meeting and president told us there wouldn´t be changes at the end of the month because only one missionary was entering, and then three weeks after that enter 40-50 missionaries... but President got an email on his phone kindly informing him that 9 visa waiters would be entering with the 1 at the end of the month... now there will be changes. crazy how the stuff changes. President took the opportunity to teach us right then and there that he can´t complain with the church and tell them no, that we can´t do the same with the missionaries that he sends to our zone. We have to accept the will of the Lord. We have to do our part to work hard in the work of the Lord. We can´t just say no. It doesn´t work that way.

The mission is going to be jam packed with missionaries. Basically the whole mission will be training. It´s so exciting to see how the Lord is hurrying His work. I love being a part of it. I know it´s His work. 

This week we found two investigators. Mario and Veronica. They are brother and sister and they are here studying. They went to church on Sunday and loved it. That´s about all the people we have teaching. It´s tough here, but we put a calendar in our chapel so the members can sign up which day they want us to come to their house and they will invite people over or we will contact with them. It´s a good plan!! I´m excited. Right now the whole mission is doing it and we are seeing a lot of success. 

I´m trying to think of more stuff that happened this week... but I can´t.

One time I bought a 2 pound bag of candy for 25 quetzales and ate it in 2 weeks.... the candies are like mambas and starbursts and i don´t know what else... but they are good. haha

Here in the mountains they don´t eat very many tortillas... more than anything they eat tamalitos (just little tamales) THEY ARE SO GOOD!!!! I literally feel like I´ve changed missions cause it´s a whole new world here. I´m so happy here. I know this is where I need to be.

I know I´m a child of God. He loves me so much. Yesterday I taught Gospel Principles about the creation. God created this world for us, and gave us bodies because He loves us so much. He even gave us a way to return to live with Him. He sent His Son to die for us, all He asks is that we are obedient to His commandments. I love my family so much, be good, look for opportunities to share your testimony.

If you wanna know what I´m studying right now you could look up a talk by Elder Holland called The Atonement and missionary work. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get all giddy inside when study time rolls around. and even more giddy to share what I learn with the members and non members. I love studying... weird right??

I love you.

Elder Jensen

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