Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Never Thought It Would End

Hello.... we have a problem.. this key board doesnt work very good. The space bar isnt that great, it doesnt allow me to do exclamation marks or ANYTHING... This will be a sad letter then....

WELL HI. hows it flowin in the snow+++ Im also not allowed to do question marks or parenthesis. sorry.

This week was a crazy crazy one. Remember how I told you we were going to change houses and we would be moving a little bit.... well that happened.. We now live in a good little apartment. I love it. We live with members.. kinda. Just upstairs ya know. Its cool... But Im so thankful mom and dad for allowing me to develop my talents of moving furniture.... 

On Wednesday a member called us to give some service. It wasnt just any type of service... the owner of where she lived lost the property.. so she had to go. This lady doesnt just have a house there, but a restaurant too....... oh and she lives on the 3rd floor. HAHAHA. So we started wrapping up plates and dishes and stuff waiting for the moving truck to show up, then once it got there we started moving. I got all thinking about home cause it wasnt normal moving, it was Jensen moving. So she lives on the third floor right, there wasa stairway to the 2nd floor and it lead out to a deck.. the truck was an open backed one and they parked right under the deck...... you can only imagine what we did. We lowered everything to the second floor through some skinny  stairs and lowered it down off the deck. it was intense... Some stuff was heavy and scary... a big king size heavy mattress, closet dealios, 2 washing machines, a dryer, dressers, and all kinds of stuff. I never thought itd end. Im so blessed with long legs, super strong arms, a great brain, and Im dang good at tetris. It was actually really fun, there was a family there helping us and we became super good friends. We are going to teach  them later this week. We are exited about them..

This Saturday we also had an awesome activity planned... We were going to do a bonfire behind the church and watch a movie about the book of mormon.. We bought 100 donuts and the relief society pres made hot chocolate.... good stuff. But just about everything went bad. First the guy who was going to let us borrow the projector wasnt home, then it was really cold, then rainy, then absolutly 2 people showed up to the activity, Mario and Veronica, investegators. cool huh. So we cancelled the activity, now we are going to do it the 23rd. Luckily there was a baptism for another ward and institute so we had someone to share the food with... Then our ward mission leader really wanted to light the fire... so we did. Just Elder Villatoro, our Bishop, Pitu, our ward mission leader, and I enjoyed the fire and donuts and chocolate... I ate 3 1/2 of the greatest donuts ever. I will try to send a picture if this computer quits acting up...

Other than these 2 experiences our week was pretty normal. We are sleeping good in a new house, our zone is improving each week, the the Lords work is  moving on. I know its His work. He leads it. Im doing the most important thing I could possibly to doing right now. I love it. I know my Savior lives. He loves me, and I love Him. Im going to try a little harder this week to be like Him. 

Be good this week, I love you all so so so much..

Happy New Year

Elder Jensen

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