Monday, March 25, 2013

Elder Perkins from Spanish Fork

What’s happenin gringos? How are you? How´s it going? What´s new? Long time no see.... haha

Well here I am in Yoyo´s Internet. It´s a little slow and I get angry sometimes, but I´m in Guatemala.. It´s cool and all. This week was a super crazy one. There were changes, our phones haven´t been working, it rained twice, and I cooked myself LUNCH! crazy huh??

A little bit about this week?? We had to move more furniture... not much. Here in the mission 42 missionaries came from the CCM. cool huh?? They opened another area in our zone, we are now 20 in Saint Mark. So Wednesday we rented a big ol bus and went down to Reu the 3 zones from "Tierra Fria." It was fun to travel all together and pull up in a huge bus. The change meeting was crazy, 42 trainers, 42 newbies. We got 4 of them. Here in San Marcos the missionaries rarely trained, but Pres is changing the zone!! YES! PS. I met an elder from Santa Cruz Bolivia... I could hardly understand the guy, pobrecito E Jensen 2.0. hahaha 

When we got back from Reu we went and taught Oto and his daughter (Marleny was working) we taught about faith. I love that stuff. IT was such a good lesson and he told us that he talked with his wife and they want to keep learning and eventually get baptized. We are so stoked about them.

Thursday we did divisions with Palo Gordo. I was with a newbie, E Nuñez from Ecuador. It was fun. He said a couple bad words hahaha aka the words in Ecuador are bad here and the words here are bad there. It was a fun time. It´s probably the same with Bolivia too I feel like. (It rained and I got really wet.. the first time in like 6 months).

Friday the office elders came up and we split up and went to a bunch of areas to put fechas fechas fechas. In the morning I was with E Yergensen from Las Vegas, great young chap. Then in the afternoon I was with E Navas... maybe you remember that name. We were in the same district for 6 months when I first started. He is in the top 1 best friends of my whole mission. I love the guy. We had tons of fun and taught good lessons and reminisced.

Saturday we had our Book of Mormon activity. It turned out GREAT! About 15 investigators showed up. It was really really good. We all learned and felt the Spirit and now we have appointments with these people. This ward is amazing. The relief society made tostadas and rellenitos… lemme tell you about a rellenito - Platano with beans inside, with sugar and cream on top!!! All of my favorite things. Our neighbor made them and she is going to teach me one of these days. I´m in love with rellenitos.

Sunday we had a really special activity too, it was called La Reunion Sacramental. During the sacrament I tried just focusing on Jesus Christ. It was such a great experience. Then I taught Gospel Principles on the life of Christ. He is my Savior and Redeemer. He is the Son of our living God. He loves me. I know He lives. Especially in the Easter season I have been trying to learn more and live more like Him. I was thinking about the resurrection during the sacrament and I am STOKED. I can’t wait to be able to meet my Savior, to be able to see the marks in His hands and feet and personally thank Him for all He did for me. Then to be able to worship Him for the rest of the eternities. He makes it possible that I can live again, just as He lives now. I´m so thankful for that.

Then after church no one invited us to lunch, so I went and made my own!! I made rice and beans and these chicken circle things I bought. I don’t know what has gotten in to me here in San Marcos but I´m always cooking. In my other areas I never did. I always make egg sandwiches or moshito (oatmeal drink stuff). This morning I made arroz con leche from the leftover rice from yesterday. (hot milk with rice, sugar, and cinnamon. it’s a drink). I´m so Guatemalan and so... cool. I can’t wait to make this kind of stuff for the rest of my life. Us gringos don’t know nothing about hot drinks. These chapins rule. I love them so so much. 

I also love you so so much. I hope you have a fabulous week and that we can remember our Savior Jesus Christ. This week is Holy Week here... We will be shut in the church just like last year. Starting Wednesday. Wish me luck!

I love you!!s

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