Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Day After Mother's Day

Here in this internet there is a little kid that is telling me all about his video games… Right now he is playing Mario Galaxy #1. He has already beat Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, and all the other games he has... hahahaha he keeps leaving to go play and then he comes back. I love him. He is so funny....

Well we talked yesterday on Skype… and I told you everything you ever wanted to know........ I don’t think you realize how special it was for me to pray in Spanish and bless the food and bless you all... It was so special and incredible. I always pray for you, but I was REALLY praying with my whole heart. I know you might not have understood, just dad maybe. I can’t really explain how it was, but I felt like an angel on the other side praying for you. I think they pray for us. Just the camera quality is better...

I know this church is true. God loves us and He sent His Son, who gave His life. I was sitting in Sacrament meeting yesterday during the sacrament, I read DyC 19 (just the verses about the atonement) Then I looked down at my hand, I saw all the little pores and thought about how much Christ suffered, I thought about the blood being squeezed and all because we are sinners. I don’t comprehend it at all. The moral of the story is don’t sin!!!! But if you do, you can always repent. You can always change. I know it. We are children of the Most High God. We are royalty. Do you think Queen Elizabeth gets drunk on the weekends?? No... she understands that she is royalty. We should understand it, and act like it too.

 I can’t think of anything to write you except, I LOVE YOU! I’m so blessed to be a missionary... 2 years is nothing. It goes by so fast, and I’m so sad to leave this place... but I have 5 months left to work hard and baptize the whole world. Be good this week, and enjoy the pics.

Love from the promised land, Guatemala.

1) Elder Villatoro and his family... and me and some other missionaries and our bus driver (far left) hahaha

2) Elder Nájera and I... he was sleepy

3) Craft making class - The 4 missionaries from Barrio Maya. Making our mothers (ward mothers...) some flowers. 
4) The finished product

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