Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Companion

Hello my children. What´s up?!?!

I´m just here in internet, sitting next to some kid from Mexico, his name is Elder Najera... and I think he is my new companion. Elder Villatoro hasn´t been around much these days, he was telling me something about how he was going home, we took lots of pictures and I even met his parents... I dont know where he is, but I´m sure he will turn up in a couple days. I just hope president doesnt find out!

So Elder Najera is his name, and being nice is his game. He is from Toluca, Mexico. But right now his parents live in Oaxaca. (That´s where Elder Juarez is from... remember him?? My other mexican friend)

So this week was fun. We have been getting to know everyone, and Elder Najera is an extrememly good missionary. He speaks a little bit of english too and sometimes says really funny stuff.... We haven´t even taken a picture together yet. I´m actually scared to plug anything in this computer cause I dont want it to get a virus. So sorry... no pictures this week!!

There isn´t much that happened this week... except now I have another new friend... Oh plus Elder Najera was my zone leader, companion of Elder Villatoro when I was in the Nueva Concepcion. 

In other news, tomorrow we are going to Reu for the new Leaders Council. Now there are sister missionaries that are leaders. They aren´t district or zone leaders, just sister leaders, literally leaders in charge of sisters. They will be in the meeting tomorrow, it will be weird. Now it´s not calle Zone Leader council, but Mission leadership council. President made it very clear that this came from above, and that he didn´t make it up haha... go figure, it´s not even his church.

The other day after lunch I layed down on my bed, but I had to stand up to get the phone, my foot got stuck in my blanket and I fell into the bookshelf that we have in between our bed. I have a nice chunk of skin missing right below my thumb.... I actually saw it hanging there on the bookshelf too and almost glued it back on but..... I didn´t. I keep telling Elder Najera that I´m going to die and that we need to find me a new thumb. It´s pretty hilarious. 

Sometimes I love being a missionary. I love doing missiony stuff and reading and explaining the scriptures. Sure it´s hard, even if I have to find a new thumb. But Christ suffered much more than I have suffered my whole life. He suffered the sins of everyone that ever lived and will live. He is my Savior and Redeemer. The church is true youngins. I know it for a fact. I love you with my whole entire heart. Be good and always love everyone. 

ps: Sunday. 5:00. Skype. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

Elder Jensen

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