Tuesday, June 18, 2013


How are you!?!?! Here I am, in San Marcitos. still.... but a crazy thing just happened... the mission secretary decided it was time to buy my plane ticket home. He just sent me my release plan... I had to fill it out with all kinds of information and I tole him I live in SLC and that I´m going home the 16th of Oct..... It´s official. See you then. Be there or be square.

Well this week was interesting.... My companion Elder Nájera had changes.. a surprise for all of us.. but now my companion is called..... ELDER SALAS. He is from Acapulco, Mexico (3rd Mexican companion....) and he is just a little baby in the mission... just 8 little months. I met him when I was in La Nueva Concepcion. Like they say here, "Elder Salas en un amor de gente." hahaha He is a good kid. Elder Villatoro and Elder Nájera talked a whole ton, and I talk a lot too right, so I´m used to that... but Elder Salas doesn´t talk too much so I´m just yakin his ear off and he doesn´t say much. hahaha

This week I have been showing him the members and the area, and yesterday we left with our bishop to visit less actives. It was a good day. We are getting ready for ward conference the 30th... I´m quite stoked.

For two weeks straight Elder Nájera was making fun of me and telling me I was going to go the San Pedro (The zone right next door)... guess where he is?? San Pedro. It´s all good cause we can see eachother and stuff. I love that kid too. One of my favorite companions.

Here in the ward the primary teachers have a poster that they put up on the wall every week with little hearts that have the names of the kids that were reverent in class.. well I´ve been PLEADING them to put my name on the poster, (cause I´m always reverent) and they did!!! hahhahaha what an achievement. Can I just tell you how blessed we are here, and how amazing are the members. We never ever go to bed hungry and they are so willing to leave and visit with us. We are finally hearing experiences from the members about how they share the gospel.. witch (the only way I can think to spell it haha..) witch is a difference from when we got here. They were literally sleeping and stuff, but now they are excited to work with us. I love this ward.
An elder just called us and needs our help, I might get on later to finish writing, I´m not sure.. Just know that I love you with my whole heart. I pray for you, and everyone. I know what I´m doing is the work of the Lord. It´s His. He guides and directs it. I´ve learned so much here, but one of the biggest things is to cherish the Sacrament. Think about it, an opportunity to be clean each week... I love it. God loves us and wants us to be happy. Many times there are challenges and dificulties, but through fervent prayer we can recieve many answers and help. Jesus Christ lives and loves us, He knows what we are passing through and only wants to help.

I love you so much. Happy Fathers Day, Happy Summer, and Happy New Year... oh wait...

Elder Jensen

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