Monday, June 24, 2013

I Love My Life

Beej, Care Bear, Kelwey, Cowey, Brookie, Jenny (aka Elder Jensen), and O.... WHAT´S UP!?!?!?!?! Oh man this week was literally a rollercoaster... I feel like I went on 3.. I wish!! hahaha but nonetheless it was a good week. I love my life. Do you love my life?? hahaha well..... here goes nothin--->

Monday night we had family night with a really humble sister and her kids in the ward, less actives. They were so happy we were there and they even gave us some tamales. The lady has 5 kids and she is single, it makes me hurt inside, but they are very blessed to have the true gospel in their lives. Well this lady has twin boys names Marcos Julian and Marcos Ivan aka "los Marcos" Well they gave us each 6 marbles and I have been walking around with them in my jacket pocket since that day. It made me so happy! I love the people here, so simple, so loving, and so incredible. I realized just by entering peoples houses and being with them for a little bit can bless their lives. They can feel the Spirit and they are blessed so much. I love being able to bring happiness in the lives of people. I understood more my role of being a missionary. It´s all about LOVE.

Tuesday we went to Seminary!!! aaahh we woke up at 4:45 in the morning to go share experiences with the youngins. It was a really good class and we liked it, but were totally wiped out the whole day…so tired. Then in the afternoon we were walking in the street and we found an old investigator...remember Veronica?? (we were teaching her and her brother with Elder Villatoro) well we found her in the street and taught her and her friend about baptism. It was a good lesson in the street actually and they really understood everything. Then she told us that the other missionaries in the ward were visiting here but she felt more comfortable with me…so we set up an appointment and yeah.

Wednesday the only thing I remember is the appointment with Veronica. We went there and the other 2 missionaries showed up too. We had a good lesson about baptism and how she could get her answer. Then we all kneeled down and she said the prayer. She asked if she should get baptized and just waited. The most special feeling in the whole world entered the room. After she was done I asked her how she felt, she said before the prayer she was confused and felt bad, but then during and after the prayer she felt lighter, peace, and just a lot better. We explained to her that is how the Spirit works. She was so happy and said she would get baptized this Saturday!!!!

Thursday we went to Malacatan aka Pres Maravilla is a saying goodbyes and we were going to have a multi zone conference. We got there and got all the Elders sitting down reading their scriptures and waiting... and waiting... and waiting. Finally President and Sister Maravilla showed up. Eyes red, and super tired. President then told us that the night before we had lost a missionary, and as you have heard, his name was Elder Taufa. I didn’t personally meet him, but I knew who he was. So instead of the conference we held a devotional and everyone was sad, but with more desires to be obedient and better. Everyone has something to learn from this situation, and I think the missionaries here are learning more than anyone. Then after the devotional we ate lunch and took zone pictures with Pres and Sis Maravilla then ADIOS!!! Well the good news is that the zonies have a meeting with them tomorrow or Wed, so that will be the final adios. At the end of this week they will be in Nicaragua and my mission president will be Pres. Ruiz, cool huh?

After all that we came back to San Marcitos and did the baptism interview of Veronica. She was so happy and ready. She called her parents to tell them what she was going to do and they said no no no no no. So, she started crying cause she was sad and stuff, but we told her to pray, and she said she was still going to do it!! What a rebel!! hahaha but it was great.

Friday... I don’t remember.... All I know is that we had Noche de Hermanamiento... aka members meet in the church and someone shares a lesson and then we eat something small. We had lots of investigators there between the two companionships so everyone was all stoked and stuff.

Saturday… BAPTISM!!!! We had it in the morning and it was great... here are pictures. I loved it so much. Here in this ward we don’t have to worry about anything, the bishop is incredible and our ward mission leader is good too. They always plan some good baptism services. I love it. Then Saturday night there was a dinner for all the dads in the ward and they played soccer and stuff... and of course we were invited!!! haha. We ate some carne asada, beans, green onions, rice, and horchata... with hot tortillas duh. I love the food here. I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday I did something I have never done before... I spoke in church hahahaa. I spoke last, so when I stood up I said, "I wasn’t nervous until I realized they put the most powerful speakers last." HAHAHA oh man everyone lost it. oops... Then all day everyone was making fun of me!! haha but the talk went well. I talked about baptism and the atonement and the way to live with God again. Elder Salas talked about the responsibility that the members have to share the gospel, and our buddy Boris spoke about prayer. It was a good meeting, and Sundays are always good. I love this ward so much. Then in the afternoon we went to visit with the 1st counselor and the ward clerk. Roca y Dario. Man they are hilarious, and it was good to be driven around in a car to visit less actives and stuff. That’s the new Sunday tradition, visit the people that didn’t get to church that day. It works!! PS every Sunday night we eat with a family in the ward, and I made the most perfect tortilla that I had ever made. We made a business plan for my Guatemalan restaurant (who knows?). It will be called Comida Chapina and I will also sell tortillas on the side called Tortilljensen. hahah that’s what they were calling me all night. Man I love this place, and I love the members. I love my life!!!

Well... I hope I didn’t bore you with this mammoth letter. Just know that I’m safe, protected, taken care of, and loved. I know for a fact this church is true. I felt the Spirit reassuring it to me many times this week, and even right now in this Internet cafe. It’s true ladies and gentlemen, and I know it. I know that God lives. He sent His Son to die for us. He also lives. I love this work, it’s the life of the church. I love bringing the Spirit into houses that need it. I love being a messenger and defender of the truth, and I love Guatemala. (Even though I feel alone now that Chad isn’t here) I love it.

I love you so much; I hope you have the best week of your life. Be good, and CTR always. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

ps there is a little girl that is 2 in the ward that calls us "los Eveles" it´s so cute!! haha - Evel Jensen (but you have to say it with an accent or it doesn´t really work out...

Elder Jensen

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