Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hello, hello, hello, hello. (primary hello song). 
HOW ARE YOU!?!?!?! Im doing oh so fine. This week was a good one. But the truth is, I dont remember much about it to tell you the truth. I remember that I taught some people, went to church, ate lunch... speaking of lunch, I LOVE OUR COOK.
When we got here to San Marcos there was a calendar of lunches, each day a different family, I loved it. But the Stake President said we couldnt do that anymore, so in May we didnt have a cook or anything, we just... well Im not sure how we are still alive but we are. Then this month we found a cook. Her name is Margoth and her goal is to get us fat. She loves us so much, and always tells us that. We actually call her, "La mujer mas amable en todo el mundo" and its not even a joke. She fills the table with two kinds of juice, two kinds of salad, fruit, and the plato fuerte. (strong plate... like the meat haha) I love her to death and I think Im going to leave San Marcos fat.
This week are changes, and I dont think I have changes... But who knows.
On Tuesday we had Leadership Council with Pres... he basically told us to erase his name from our minds, and that he had officially said goodbye to us. They are getting everything ready to go, and they are pretty sad. I love Pres. and Sis. Maravilla so so much. Im sad they are going, but they have other things to in the Kingdom of God here on earth. Next week they are going to each zone for conferences and stuff to take pictures and all that jazz... I think I will cry. hahaha. The Leader Conference was really good though. They talked a lot about obedience and stuff, they dont want the new guy to show up and send tons of missionaries home... but it always happens so we will see. Its also official too, we are losing a zone of the mission. My zone aka Tiquisate aka when I was in La Nueva Concepcion is now going to the Guatemala City Central Mission. Mision Reu is just a little smaller now!
The members here in our ward are incredible. My mom here had a really neat experience. She prayed for the opportunity to share the gospel, and the next day a lady (that she had had in mind) showed up to her doorstep.. She said she didnt really know why she was there but she just had a feeling. Tonight we have a family night planned to go and teach her and hopefully her husband comes along!! I love amazing members. I love the church. Its true ya know. God works according to our faith and dilligence and sometimes we have to be patient and sometimes not. I have learned a lot of patience here in San Marcos because the work is so different. It requires a lot of patience and a lot of prayers!!!! A little tougher than the coast I would say. But miracles are real!!
I love this gospel so so much. I have such a strong testimony of all of it. I know for a fact its true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Joseph Smith was and is a true prophet of God. Through him, the true church of Christ is here on earth in the dipensation of the fullness of times. We are bearers of the Holy Priesthood of God, power and authority to work in His name to bless the lives of others. I love it so much.
I hope you have an excellent week. I truly dont remember more about the week so Im sorry its a short letter but... enjoy! haha also here is a picture of the zone in front of the temple!!
I love you so so so much. Never forget it!!!

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