Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We Made Chocolate!


Good news - today we made chocolate.............. Did you know that chocolate came from trees!?!?!?!?! I´m so stoked about it!! hahahahahaha alright, alright well there are a million cacao trees here. And there is a sister that got a bunch of seeds and we toasted them and took off the shell then we toasted cinnamon and put vanilla and a whole bunch of sugar, then we took it to "el molino" (the grinder??) so it could be all powdery and yummy and chocolatey. Tonight we are going back to drink some hot chocolate and bread!!!!! I´m in heaven and my hands have smelled like chocolate all day... Elder Quiroz and I keep saying that there is a waterfall in our mouths... get it.. cause they are all watery. (It´s a little saying I came up with and I think it´s the funniest thing ever.. then we pretend our mouth is just full of water and we can´t control ourselves. hahahahahahahaha) So we were basically at the members house all day, and for part of the day there wasn´t light so we had to go the molino twice and it was just a blast.... pictures are included... 

My week was also a blast!!!! We are teaching 2 teenagers named Manuel and Andrea. They are really super positive and have been to church once. They really like what we teach. We just need to soften the heart of their step dad. We also have some oldies we are teaching. Mauro and Florencia Calderon. Their son is a member, and they both went to church on Sunday and they loved it!!!! (I taught Gospel Principles by the way... I like it). We always have really good lessons with them and they understand a lot. They just want to feel sure about their decision... pray for them so they can feel sure!! That they know they have to get baptized!! I love them. Florencia always gives us juice and a sandwich when we go. I love it.

Funny story - we were teaching Mauro and Florencia and an older lady (84 years old) walks in. Elder Avelar (My other companion... we´re still in a trio)... Elder Avelar turned to her super happy and asked her how she was and she said, "No tan bien como usted Pollonazo." ("No as good as you big chicken"). and she hugged him and planted a big wet one on his cheek. We were dying of laughter..... When she left, Mauro said, Well I guess she liked you.!!! hahaha and we have been saying pollonazo to him all week. I love Guatemalans.

On Tuesday we had leader´s conference with Pres. Ruiz. It was really good. 2 weeks ago he changed assistants and put a missionary named Elder Banegas. He is a deacon-sized missionary, with the heart of a bear. Man I love his guts. He gave a really good message about finding people and faith, obedience, and repentance that I really liked. Sister Ruiz talked a lot about obedience, and basically everyone. It´s a real problem in the mission. Satan is working hard!!!!!!!

On Thursday we had our zone meeting and I shared a little about Mosiah 18. I love that chapter. Especially verses 8 and 9 where it talks about how we need to help others, and be witnesses of the truth in all times, all places, and all things. (sorry but it´s better in Spanish....) I love it though. Ever since we were baptized we made those promises. I love it. A little bit later in the chapter it talks about the unity and about preaching the gospel. The zone really liked it. Then I shared my testimony - 

I told them that I only have one month left in the mission, and nobody knows what´s going on in my mind. There are so many thoughts and it´s so tough to focus on just one little thing. But that they have to work hard, treasure the time they have, and be messengers and defenders of the truth. I know the Spirit talked more than me, the feeling in the room was so strong and undeniable. For the first time it hit me that I´m going to be home in just a short month. That I won´t be here speaking Spanish and loving the people and eating beans and tortillas. I´m going to miss it SO much!!!!! I love this place, and the people are incredible.

We had an experience the other day that strengthened all our testimonies. Right after our study time we were getting ready to go and we heard the doorbell. We left and there were 2 women... Jehovah’s Witnesses. They shared a little bit with us about preaching the gospel and who knows what else, (She was literally peeing herself I think). But then we started talking a little bit about our message, and she was so closed off that she didn´t want to hear anything. It was nuts. She wouldn´t accept our pamphlet either cause it "wasn´t based on the Bible," Then we showed her that it was... and she still didn´t want it haha.

I´m so glad and blessed with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I´m a missionary, a representative of Jesus Christ. A messenger and defender of the truth. I´m Elder Jensen. I only have 1 more month to be able to say that. I´m not going to lie, I´m so super super excited to see you. But it´s bittersweet. I can feel that you are praying for me. I know it. THANK YOU. I´m forever grateful for your support, love, and prayers.

Elder Quiroz and I read a talk today from Elder Holland that explained something like this - When a missionary goes home and the family is in the airport waiting for him, I imagine it´s a moment as special as the moment when Jesus Christ had finished His mission here on earth; the proud family, and the tears, and the gratitude for service and time given. 

I know the church is true, without a doubt. Jesus Christ lives. He is our Savior and Redeemer.

I love you all so so so much. Be faithful, happy, and always remember who you are and what you stand for!

Elder Jensen

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