Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I Can Feel Your Prayers

Hi... Did you know I can literally FEEL your prayers? Well if you didn’t know, now you do... I can feel your prayers. Isn´t that neat?? Keep em comin!!

This week went by EXTREMELY fast. I don’t know where it went. I think into the past... but I’m not sure. haha Time just keeps marching on.

We had some special experiences this week... on Tuesday we went to teach Mauro and Florencia, well.. I think it was Tuesday. But anyway we went there with a member that helps us a lot. Mauro started asking us about marriage and about how he and his wife were married but he didn’t like it so he wanted to get married again, then he started telling us about a dream that he had. He said he and his wife were young, and were in a big beautiful building. Everything was just amazing. They were running to get married. While he was telling his dream he grabbed his wife’s hand and started getting all teary eyed. In that moment we started explaining to him about the temple and about how families can be forever. We talked about how much God loves us and a little bit about the plan of Salvation. They told us that they had never heard anything like that before, and that they want to get baptized the 28th of Sept....... THIS SATURDAY!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I’m so stoked. 

Plus their son is a member and we visited him on Friday cause we want him to baptize his parents. He started talking about the experience that we had and was so shocked. He told us that his dad was the type of man that had his beer bottle right next to his pistol and that he had never ever seen him cry; that he was so hard and tough and a fighter. The Spirit can break through whatever wall. 

I love Mauro and Florencia. They are so special and they love us too... On Saturday we passed by to say hi and buy some tamales from them and they were installing a light right above their couch so when we come we will have light to see. Isn’t that the cutest thing ever? We also gave them a big huge bible and triple and they made us sit down and write a little note in them with our names too so they can pray for us!!! Oh my heart is going to burst with so much love for these people. The small and simple things are just too much for my heart to handle. 

BUT we need a miracle. Florencia couldn’t go to church yesterday because she had a fever and her body hurt. She had symptoms of dengue, and that’s bad. But she wants to get baptized with her hubby. Please pray for them that everything will go well for the baptism and they can be strong to handle everything... did I mention Mauro is 78 and Florencia is 74. I love them so much.

Last night I woke up at around 2:30 with a sore throat and I went downstairs to take a pill... There are 3 pills - Tabcin night, tabcin day, and tabcin cough. I wanted to take tabcin day but I couldn’t find it, so I took tabcin night. Oh man I’m walking around like a dead man. hahahaha it´s so fun. I was just singing all morning EFY songs in a deep voice.... I don’t really know what´s happening to me, but I’m ok. hahaha

I have been in such a good mood since we have progressing people. I always say that everyday is the best day of my life, and now my companion started saying it too. I think I have the best companion in the entire world. I love the guy... oh ps finally we aren’t in a trio (what’s that in English...) We are just 2 not 3 now. Elder Avelar begged President to send him to another area... I don’t really know why. but oh well. Now we are alone in our huge 2 story house. We cleaned it really really good too and moved around some furniture. I love it.

I have so many thoughts in my head right now. Everything is so bittersweet. But I’m loving my time here. I try not to think about home, and what I’m going to be doing in just a few short weeks. And I know you are praying for me so I’m focused.... I´m so thankful for that. In these last few days we have seen miracles and seen the ward change and get excited and I love it.

Remember when I told you about an inactive family that we activated?? Well in Priesthood they were talking about home teaching and after the class the guy we activated took us up front with the member that helped us and told everyone the experience we had, then he told everyone to do their visits and help one another.... (I think I told you about them right??) I dunno...... But he was just so thankful for everything and he told everyone that they were there for good and they we so happy.... (they started using their garments too and in 3 months they can go to the temple again......) I think that’s GREAT!!!!! I´m so happy. 

There is nothing more important and more rewarding than following God and being obedient. He loves us so much. I know families can be forever. I know it I know it I know it. I don’t have a doubt. I know that La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días is God´s true church here on earth. I know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. oh oh another experience. We were explaining to Mauro and Florencia about the leadership of the church and we showed them the pictures (the ones that come in the Ensign with all the faces and names) well they loved it. They realized that the church is established the same exact way that the church of Christ was established 2000 years ago. The church is true. Never forget it.

I love you all so so so incredibly much. I hope you have the best of weeks, and that today and tomorrow and the next day can be the best days of your lives. 
ps enjoy the pics. Us with Mauro and Florencia, then with some beans and Hna. Carmen (The mom of the mission.. she cleans presidents house and makes us banana bread whenever there are conferences.. and we eat dinner with her every Sunday night)

I love you

Elder Jensen

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