Monday, September 2, 2013

WHAT´S UP!?!?!?!?!

This week was a crazy one. I feel like I wasn’t in my area working at all... but I was. Weird. This week we were searching for a house in our area for some sister missionaries that they are going to put in our ward, and we switch to the other half of our area. The two elders that we live with are being taken out and so just me and my companion are living in a 2 story huge house..... alone. hahaha it’s fun. President wants it to be like that to use our house as a hotel too.. When missionaries have to stay over and stuff like that. We live so close to the office, it’s a good idea I think. The ward we are in really REALLY needs some help, and we are thinking that sister missionaries is just the thing. We’re stoked! 

On Tuesday and Thursday we did divisions. Tuesday I stayed in the area with Elder Saunders from Morgan, Utah. He is the biggest more gigantic person in the world I think... haha HE´S HUGE! It was really fun being with him. He is just now finishing his training, so I wasn’t used to being with someone that was learning Spanish, but we had a good time and FOUND A FAMILY!!! They have names too... Ober and Vilma. They are super humble, and I love them. They just absorb everything we say and they want to have a better life. So we are going to help them. Also a member in our ward took us to visit one of her friends named Diana. and she also rules. We had a really good day. Elder Saunders was a little down, and divisions was the perfect medicine.

Thursday we did divisions with the other elders in the ward to get to know the area (ps they still don’t know what’s going on). But it was good. They have some good investigators and so we aren’t starting completely from 0. Plus we are going to keep teaching Ober and Vilma cause they basically live in the other area... and it’s the same ward too... so big whoop. The rest of the investigators that we have we are giving to the sisters.

This week we also helped with 2 baptisms that we had in the zone, one on Friday and the other was a wedding/baptism on Saturday. They were really good and the 2 families were so happy and so prepared. It was good to see the changes in the lives of others; I love baptisms!!! I shared a message in the 2 baptisms, and it turned out great. In both of them I did it on the fly, cause the person that was supposed to do it didn’t show up. It’s a good thing I’m a missionary, and I was prepared. hahaha

Wanna know what I love??? Teaching people about the scriptures. I just love studying and teaching and sharing my testimony. Because I learn a lot, and I feel the Spirit and I can help other people. 

Yesterday was a good Sunday. In this ward the fast and testimony meetings always are so long cause basically EVERYONE shares their testimony, and on Saturday a family was sealed in the temple so everyone was talking about the temple and the Priesthood and temple sealing. Isn’t it great to know that we will be together forever if we are faithful!?!?! I love to know that.

This is literally the Church of Jesus Christ. It bears His name. I know for a fact it’s the only true church on the face of the earth, and the only true church with the fullness of the gospel. I am a bearer of the Priesthood of God. It’s real. I know it. It’s the authority to be able to act in God’s name and to be able to bless the lives of others, to help them to be able to reach the salvation and live with God once more. Forever.

Forever. Think about that. Do we really want to have regrets forever or peace and happiness and joy and an eternal family?

God lives. I know it. He loves us so much that He sent us to this earth to grow and become perfect to be able to become like He is.

I love you all so so much!!! I will send pictures in another email! Have a GREAT week!

Elder Jensen

Here goes nothin!!!

Please family, enjoy these pictures haha. 

1. A member of the ward that left this week on his mission. Kevin. He was the secretary of the ward, his family is not member, and they are angry that he is a missionary. But he rocks.

2. The most famous street in Reu. La Calzada Las Palmas.... hmmm.. I wonder why it´s called Las Palmas aka the palm trees... It´s lined in palm trees!!!! for like a mile or two.... It´s neat, and it´s part of my area!

3. Well.. my companion and I share a camera because he doesn´t like his. So sometimes he just takes random pictures. haha We were waiting for a member to come meet us. He´s funny.

4. WASHING THE DISHES! It´s what I do every Sunday night in our dinner with the office some sisters. It´s just a great time. (I don´t really remember when my companion took this... but I´m not angry at all.)

Well.. goodbye. I love you!!! Until next week..... or maybe later today, we have to send the dats, but we don´t have them all yet!!!!!!!! BYE

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