Wednesday, November 30, 2011

11.30.2011 Guatemala CCM

Hi family!! Ask me if I have the most important job in the world? YEAH, I DO!!!! ps Dad funny you should mention platanos, our first meal here had them, and we get them about twice a week and I just think of you all the time! hahaha I have been here a week and it feels like 2 seconds. It is ridiculous how fast time flies, but I wish we could email more, but we cant, cause im obedient. We just got back from the temple a little bit ago, and WOW ITS SMALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Three benches in a room. Its crazy.
Please excuse my lack of apostraphies, this is a Guatemalan keyboard.
I LOVE MY COMPANION! Wow he is awesome, and its crazy that you know his parents. He works hard and actually communicates, which is important! Last night we had a fireside be Elder Martino, an area authority, and he talked about the power of just opening our mouth, and working hard. then he shared a scripture in Moses 6, I dont remember what verse but it talks about being a lad and speaking slow, just go look for it. It is on the right page, bottom left corner. haha. BUT HE IS GREAT!
So there is 6 to a room and the other 4 are latinos, every night we teach them English and we also teach our latino companions english every morning. Nothing makes me happier when my latino companion gets so excited, he is like a little kid!!!! My latino companions are Elder Cuque (from Guatemala) and Elder Rivera (Honduras). Elder Rivera speaks english already, but Elder Cuque doesnt at all. Last night Elder Rivera was sick so Elder Cuque and I gave him a blessing. The power of the Priesthood is so amazing. 
I am learning more spanish, its tough, and this week was the first week I actually thought I would never learn the language and I just got way down, that lasted MAYBE 10 minutes because then the Spirit tells me I can do it, I look out the window, and get SO STOKED TO LEAVE THIS PLACE!!!! I love it here, the food is amazing, I love everyone, even if we cant communicate, but I want to bring joy to other people!!!!
Ask me if I love the people here??? Cause I do. One night Elder Hansen and I came into our room and our towels were in different places and they were dry, (odd). Come to find out, our roomates washed them for us. Holy cow isnt that the nicest thing ever. I have so much love in my heart for people here. I dont even miss Provo even a little bit. Its so chill here, and I love it. They are always changing the schedule on us and we dont have to wear suit coats except in big meetings. Our district is the hated gringo district though, our classroom is outside in the gym. Its so great though, we all love it!! (they dont really hate us, theyre just so full) Ps me and Elder Hansen are zone leaders. We just have two districts in our zone, all the nuevo nortes that all came in the same day. 
Wanna see a cute picture of me!? hahah go to the Guatemalan CCM website and you should find me and find our big group picture. That will be a fun activity. Plus Kelsey, we have been stuck here but in two weeks we get to go contacting in the main plaza and take a mini tour of the city and go the a market!
Funny story of the week? It isnt about me but it is hilarious, (use caution when posting on the blog haha) We have an elder in our district named Elder Buck. Last night he went to the bathroom and they were out of toilet paper, and you know how latinos throw their paper in the can? (we dont have to do that here, its just a habit) anywho, you guessed it!! HE USED ONE!!! AHHHHHHHHHhahahahahaha oh man.
All joking aside, I love this place, I wouldve gone crazy in Provo. I didnt like it there much, I didnt hate it, just didnt like it. BUT I LOVE IT HERE!!! I get so excited to study and work here, im so much more motivated because it feels real. I can see the vision now. I love this work. Its amazing how much I have learned in a short month. doesnt it feel like ive been gone for like a week!? This past week we watched a devotional by Elder Holland speaking at the MTC on Jan 11, 2011. Maybe you can find it, maybe not. But it is so great! He just screams at all the missionaries about the importance of this work. Every day when I realize im thinking about myself I just get depressed. Im not here for me, Im here for my little Guatemalans. Ps 30 minutes goes by way too fast!!! I know this is the most important thing to be doing right now. I love you all.
Love Elder Jensen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps, 126,000 people went to the open house in two weeks in Quetzaltenango! COOL!

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