Thursday, November 17, 2011

Letter #3 MTC

Hello family!!!!
What a great time to be a missionary. So remember when I said we got a baptismal date for our first investigator? (all in espanol by the way) It turns out she's our other teacher, we have two!!! Her name is Hermana Nelson, she's from St. George, Utah. (Where you live) and she served in Paraguay (Pres. Wade was her president) and her older sister is married to Skylar Ence, and her little brother is serving a mission now, and I know him. AND she reminds me EXACTLY of kitty. Weird huh?
Ok so this week was excellently excellent!! We got our travel plans and we head out Nov 22 at 4:30 pm. we fly all night. We go from SLC to LA and we get there at around 10:00 pm. I THINK! So you better be awake!!
The spanish is coming along. I can say basically what I want to say, but It's not conjugated and it doesn't really make sense yet, but It's coming.
Tuesday night was our fireside and Tad R. Callister came and spoke to us, he talked about the Apostacy and the importance of it. He laid out 10 proofs to the apostacy. It's something we don't really think of being important but if there were no apostacy, THERE WOULD BE NO RESTORATION!!!
My companion is doing ok. He still doesn't get mail, but he gets email. I just figure I need more support from home and he doesn't. (except I don't miss you yet, I only miss Maggie and Libby and MY NEW NEPHEW) Is that really true? I don't know if yall are pulling my leg. ps "yall" is great!
I'm running out of things to write. I always think of funny stuff or important stuff to write but I always forget. Umm........... I love, more than anything, Dear Elder.
Plus here are my feelings on leaving the Provo MTC. I'm bummed to leave my teachers and leaders. Stoked to leave the cold, stoked to leave this terrible food. (Side note, I gained 1 pound, then lost it, then gained it back then pretty sure I lost it. basically normal weight fluctation) Also I'm just way way stoked to get out of here. I'm excited to learn spanish better and to be fluent in like two days. wouldn't that be cool!?
I'm doing ultra great though, don't worry about me. I'm giving it my all, being perfectly obedient, not worrying about little things, learning lots, being busy and a bee in Utah (they're busy huh?) and I learned I can't do this without the help of our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm just an imperfect human, He is my perfect older brother. It's amazing how much I've learned here, I think I would go crazy if I was here for 6 more weeks.
One crazy thing about this whole experience is I feel like I know everyone here. There's an elder in my zone that is extremely similar to Bryan Lunt. My roommate is exactly like Sam Hutchinson.... EXACTLY. An elder like Chad Call, I feel like I'm just surrounded by my best friends. I love it so much! There's no place I'd rather be, except in Guatemala already fluent in Spanish. Thanks for everything. I don't need anything before I leave. The bookstore here is like a mini missionary Wal-Mart with WAY cheap prices. I love you all.
-Elder Jensen

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  1. I love missionary letters! I was remembering my mission the other day as the happiest time of my life because of how strong the Spirit was constantly. I also laugh when missionaries say they are going to go crazy in the MTC because I could have stayed there forever, I loved it so much. That's what heaven will be like for me. I can't believe when he gets home he will have a nephew that's already a toddler!! Does Kelsy being home mean Carrie is going to party more? When are we going to do something fun for your birthday!?