Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What in the World...I'm in Guatemala!

We only have 15 minutes today just so I can tell you that I'm ok.
I'm ok.
I'm currently sitting the the CCM in Guatemala, the motherland. I love this place with my whole entire heart already. I am currently staring at the Guatemala City Temple. What happened to our phone calls last night? I'll never know. But at least we got to talk. I am doing GREAT! My new companion is from Sandy. Elder Hansen. He's awesome. We also get a native companion for meal times and gym and other stuff like that, but Elder Hansen is my companion for study and class and such. The CCM is so full we have to stay in temple housing, It's connected to the CCM but there are 6 people to a room with two closets. We might get moved in 3 weeks. There is 112 missionaries here. Plus holy cow it is humid here. I just get so stoked to go outside.
Today is basically ANOTHER orientation day. I thought I was done with all of that. It's ok though, we're all way tired and don't mind sitting. They let us take a three hour nap. My p-day is now Miercoles. (Wednesday). Oh and go ahead and ask me how great the food is here??????????? I have died and gone to heaven. oh my it is amazing. they just have tons of fresh fruit and agua de frutas. (i don't even know if that's what it is called, but it's just the water from fruits, nothing else). Did I mention I love it here?? Oh plus I sat next to a guy who served in Guatemala 40 years ago, just visiting, and guess who he knows.... Bruce and Andrea. Weird right? I didn't even ask his name, I should have. Ps this is all on an español keyboard, how does that make you feel? cause it makes me stoked. I'm able to communicate with the latino elders here pretty well, I think once I get unnervous I will be better. I wish ya'll could come here. I haven't even been outside the CCM walls, minus the bus ride, but I LOVE IT. plus our bus was just a huge awesome school bus with stars painted on the ceiling. I should have gotten a picture. I was sleepy.
I have a feeling we aren't going to go the temple dedication, but we'll at least be able to watch it. Hopefully President Uchtdorf (?) can come here to visit us! PS, no guards with guns at airport, but there is one here at the CCM.
By the way, I don't miss you.
Love, Elder Jensen (That's my name)
But I kinda miss you, but I don't even wanna come home and I don't feel homesick, that's all I'm sayin. I love you lots!!!!!

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