Sunday, November 6, 2011


Familia, I'm here! I'm doing just great! My companion is Elder Newell, from California. He's a quiet guy, but GREAT!! I'm Senior Companion and district leader, odd. There's 8 missionaries in the district. Me and Elder Newell (going to same mission as me) Elder Johnson and Elder Dallon (Elder Johnson is going to Provo, Elder Dallon St. George, Utah) Elder Bourgeois (boo-shua) and Elder Chidester (going to St. George) and Elder Bernatz and Elder Snow (Chicago) The MTC is tough, I'll be honest. They say it gets better after Sunday. Today has been the best day so far though. My instructor is Hermano Lucas. He's from Texas and served in Argentina. So he speaks Castellano. He speaks en espanol 100% of the time and I can understand everything, I cannot speak for the life of me.

These computers are terrible. my keyboard broke so I had to switch. It's like I'm already in Guatemala hehe. So far I've gotten like 20 letters, who's counting right?

I need My Priesthood Line of authority :) plus my laundry bag is already ripped. I HATE BIG LOTS!!!!! I can buy one here though. Everything is cheap and such cause we're cool missionaries. I depart Nov 22 just fyi. ps I'm not cold and I don't need a sweater. I'll be alright. The power was out all day today, just turned back on. Plus the food is ok, kinda weird. I feel like this letter has no order or anything. I'm just writing from the heart! Plus I'm stoked when you guys read and pray every day! same here!!! Plus my companion wants to wake up at 6 everyday, so it's kinda not fun, but it's only a half an hour. I'm learning so much that my brain just hurts and I feel like my sleep time is fake. It's weird I don't know how to describe it. Plus yeah................. umm.......... I love you guyseeses lots. Tell Tiff and Jan Call thanks for their letters. Oh plus we taught our first investigator yesterday and we teach her again tonight. Patricia is her name, learning is her game. Thanks for everything. Love you love you love you love you. Plus I have 10 more minutes so maybe I'll get on later to write you back! If you write back muy rapido (I don't know spanish)
Elder Jensen!!!!!

No temple... not till Thursday, our real first P-day. Today is just P day for new missionaries cause just cause. Plus the MTC gives us $6 a week for stuff, so I'll use that for laundry bag. Also I don't know where a printer is, so could you send my line of authority via snails?!?!?!?! Muchas gracias. Yes I'm happy, just a lot of info in my brain and trying to get used to all of this. Everytime I see missionaries walking around I think, HEY missionaries, and I wanna say hi but then I realize I AM ONE!!!!! It's great, but it still hasn't really sunk in yet. You guys are neat.
Love, Elder Jensen!

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