Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Time For Another Letter From Guatemala!

HI family. How are you????

Im here in Guatemala. I love it. I feel fat though. Still havent gotten sick, WHICH IS SUCH A BLESSING!! I feel good!!

Here in San Luis I keep forgetting it is Enero, cause Im sweating like a piggy. Hows the weather there?? cold, I bet, HAHAHA! You should come visit!?

This week was good. We contacted a lot, still dont have many investigators. I guess no one wants to be saved. But we never know if we are preparing them for other missionaries! We have a baptismal date for the 28th. Freddy is his name, Mormonism is his game. He is the nephew of our laundry lady, (who is awesome, by the way). We also have another potential lady for the 28th.. her hubby is a member but inactive, but they came to church yesterday!! Best feeling ever! We have a cita with them maƱana so i will let you know on that one. Our area is so big, there is someone waiting for us, I just know it!

We also had divisions the other day with some future missionaries from Huehuetenango, two kids per missionary. I was a little scared, but I realized that I can understand a lot and speak a lot. The gift of tongues is the real deal! We just contacted a lot and got two citas from it later this week.

I got Grandma´s package the other day, all I can say about that is HEAVEN ON EARTH! thank you super much granny. I havent recieved any letters. They might be stuck in the mission office or who knows. I don´t know when we get the mail and such. I hope she got the letter I sent her a few weeks ago!

I havent even eaten one single egg yet. Everyone told me I would eat a lot of eggs and beans. Lies! We eat a lot of Caldo. basically soup with big chunks of meat and vegetables. The other day we had chicken and mashed tators and coleslaw.

Mom - about dinner, we are asked not to go home and make stuff cause it just takes too much time. But if people invite us to dinner we can eat, and we can buy stuff from little tiendas. just not take time for dinner ya know?? dont worry about me though. Sometimes I just eat paper.

I gained 10 pounds in the MTC slash CCM and im fat. I need to lose some poundage.

I dont know what else to write. sometimes my mind is blank... except this -

I know why I´m out here, is to bring souls unto Christ. He is our Savior and Redeemer. He lives!!!! Through Him, we can be clean from our sins and we can get  through any problem. He is here to help us. He loves us so much. This church is guided and directed by Him. I know it.

Have you ever read Our Search for Happiness?? I just started it this morning and I think its great. Read it.

I love you so much!!!

Elder Jensen

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