Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome to San Luis Elder Jensen!

Hello family!!!!!

How on earth are you this week?? Well I´m doing absolutely fantastic!!!

Just here in sticky Guatemala. My area is called San Luis. And yes, it is very huge. My companion, Elder Reed, is from South Jordan. I was expecting a Latino but I guess not!! I´m happy though, it makes it a little bit easier to get things done if we need to do them in English. I understand 85% percent of everything. And I can basically say what I want. I just need to learn the Guatemala lingo and learn more about the doctrine. But I havent felt depressed or discouraged or anything yet, which is great cause I cant speak Español. 

Elder Reed and I live in this great little pink house. Elder Reed said it was one of the nicest houses in the mission. It´s cute. hahaha. We eat lunch at our cocinera´s house every day and another lady does our laundry. Which makes things easier. 

Go ahead and ask me how great my mission president is??????? CAUSE HE IS GREAT! and about 2 feet tall... mas o menos. I´m going to see if i can send some pictures. So last Tuesday when we got here we had some orientation deal, then had dinner at President´s house. Then we stayed in a hotel and the next morning was a change meeting. They do it a little different today than in your day I'm thinking, they put our faces on a powerpoint and you never know whose name is going to pop up. Its such a treat. Then we left to the pink mansion, and ate lunch, some sort of soup. Then we walked around... haha... we went and met members and less actives. Our ward is San Luis and there is a lot of less active. We are working hard with them while trying to find families, because families are the most important thing on the entire planet. We get to talk a lot about the temple in Quetzaltenango too. That´s a treat. 

There are churches on every single corner in our area, and everyone has a church. EVERYONE. We try and tell them about our joyful message, but they don't listen. We are in need of some investigators. Pray for the hearts to be softened in San Luis and doors to be opened.... well, there aren't really doors, just gates.

The past few days we have just worked hard, walked a lot. (our area is huge. it takes about an hour to get to one investigators house. So we dont go out there much... good thing members live out there too. they always give us great drinks)

I love it here. This is almost just as I was expecting. Elder Reed is awesome. I love everything about everything. Even the huge spider. I love this work. It is such a happy message and I'm so happy that we know the truth. Families are forever, and that´s exactly who I want to spend forever with. ¡Jesucristo vive! I know it for a fact. He loves us so much and suffered so much. He knows exactly what we are going through!!! 

I love you so much!! 

Elder Jensen

Ps Last night we had a guy talk to us for an hour and he just told us about his prostate and how sometimes he pees dribble dribble and other times like a faucet... thank you. 
ps there are also like 4000000 nursing mothers here... they nurse until they are like 6 too.... ok not 6 but like 2... honest.
PS Drunk guys always just walk in our lesson and it is funny
Ps my district leader is from St Geezy. Elder Lechtenburg ?
ps do you have my address?? just send everything to the mission office

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